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Zach Skyles Owens

Zach Skyles Owens ZachSkyles​Owens

Niner since 2007

My name is Zach Skyles Owens and I'm a Technical Evangelist focused on databases and the Cloud. 
  • SQL Server Express: Easy to Manage
  • SQL Server Express: Overview
  • The Future of SQL Data Services with Nigel Ellis
  • SQL Server 2008 達人に聞く- SharePoint Serverの対応について
  • SQL Server 2008 達人に聞く- Visual Studio の対応について
  • SQL Server 2008 達人に聞く- SQL Server Data Services
  • SQL Server 2008 達人に聞く- TransactSQLの新機能
  • SQL Server 2008 達人に聞く- Management Studioの新機能
  • Optimisations moteur - Cesar Galindo-Legaria
  • Spatialデータ型による空間データのサポート

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