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  • Developer Keynote Updates

    Regarding their ignorance on C++ features in every VS update, my mascot suggestion:

  • TWC9: 100MM licenses, Blue at build, VS2012.3 Go Live CTP, and more

    Is he using a macbook?

  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 5 of n

    You skimmed over extern templates and you told that you really didn't use such thing. Please imagine this, I really want to make some dynamic library for other people to use, but almost all of the C++ standard library is template classes and I am not able to safely export anything from my library. There are a lot of articles around the web and all of them tells me how to hide the VisualStudio warning, the thing is problem persists. How can I use something like vector or shared_ptr if I cannot export them safely?

    Like this:

    class MY_API MyClass
        std::vector<int> indices;

    where MY_API is __declspec(dllimport/dllexport) thingy. How do you tackle this problem?

  • Reactive Extensions API in depth: ​Combine​Latest

    Is there any option to be as fast as the slowest stream for streams with different frequencies?



    for streams











    which is to invoke combination when both streams has a 'new' output. This may incur new problems such that observers may want to infer intermediate values for grouping like interpolations.