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Zeo Zeo Channel 9 :)

Niner since 2004

Full Name: Ian Ceicys.
Cellphone: (440)724-6721.

I’m passionate about Microsoft technologies and solutions.
  • Security Talk: MSF Agile + SDL

    Great work.


    I'm a bit surprised that there aren't any custom excel workbooks, dashboards, SSRS Reports, build quality customizations, or customized build targets and workflow activities with the Agile+SDL process template.


    I'd love to hear about the roadmap for the process template and the continued tooling improvements coming from the SDL team. 

  • Doug Seven: Code Understanding and Systems Design with Visual Studio 2010

    Where can we download the blue yonder sample that was used in the video?

  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    The MSN butterfly....maybe I believe you....but the bird?


    Next question what species is the bird... a hawk? Is the hawk in some hidden reference to Midori or Red Hawk? http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1477


    The thing with the photoshopping is that I need to learn how to photoshop it in a way that scales across like 4 different screens. [I've tried and on my nebook I can see that I messed with it].



  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    I guess I don't have an issue with animals or insects....instead I wish I knew why a bird and why a butterfly.


    What does a bird or butterfly have to do with Windows? The video talks about the image being airy...but I thought this was Windows.

    Birds and Butterflys aren't supposed to fly through my Windows are they?


    It just seems like they were added with no rymth or reason. I have to stare at this logo for the next 3 years....it'll be the standard background image at most Best Buys and at many companies....


    Plus I work on my computer 12-18 hours a day so EVERY pixel counts.

  • Progression of the Iconic Background

    Why is there a bird and a butterfly in the default background?


    I find it VERY annoying that there's an animal and an insect on my screen. It makes it feel cluttered and wierd...Windows XP had a great landscape but I love that there were no animals, and it didn't feel cluttered....it felt surreal.


    Is there any way to the same desktop without those?



    Also why do the light ribbons start again in the upper right hand corner?

  • Bug Killer – A Channel 9 Halloween special

    What's written on dan's white board....there must be some easter eggs in this video...no?


    Great job. Loved the chatty bugs!



  • Hanselminutes on 9 - Inside CodePlex.com

    Ah.....Windows XP.....Office 2003......ick!!!!!


    Upgrade to Windows 7 and Office 2010. You'll be more productive and you can get back to your code faster.


    And while you were talking about your dev TFS server....I'm wondering if your dev server is running TFS 2010 with Team Build 2010....gated checkin....yummy!




  • Folder naming errors- But Why?

    I'm digging this new content. Keep it coming...I may just have to visit channel9 more often...(is that even possible?)

  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part One (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    One Word: INCREDIBLE!





  • A chat with Sara Ford - CodePlex turns 3, reaches 10,000 projects

    I wish code plex had a "best of" feature.


    Most of the projects on codeplex are barren wastelands with no new code drops, forum threads, or bug entries.


    I know you're trying to address this, but where are some of the best forum posting, code drops, or bugs?


    I've looked at the ratings feature as you mentioned in the video...but the rating feature is pretty arbititary.


    Where are some examples of really good projects or projects that the codeplex team likes?

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