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Zeo Zeo Channel 9 :)
  • Why is Microsoft a large contributor to the toxic e-waste?

    joechung said:
    jamie said:
    Mentioning Greenpeace in the same breath as Windows Explorer UI latency is "crackpot" material.
    Please stop killing the bunnies.

    Every time you respond to this thread the CPUs of Microsoft's massive datacenters have to be used...which entails several additional bunnies being killed.

    Not to mention the fact that most niners are reading this thread on Vista machines...and from this thread we all know what that means from a UI problem....more e-waste.

    The problem is compounded by the  the fact that most niners use IE 7.0 which I hear kills a puppy evertime a new tab is opened.

  • Interview idea: The young(er) Microsoft

    staceyw said:
    It would be nice to get this guy (Mr. Cutler) to take about past and present (azure).  But probably will not happen.

    Great idea little guru...just one question what does "young(er) Microsoft" look like to you? College hire, interns, new employees, those under 21,25,30,40?

    I've been with the company 3 years and while I like to think I'm young (age 25)....I don't know if people outside of Microsoft consider someone who's been with the company over 3 years to be young.

  • Updated Microsoft .Net Logo sweetness

    Check out the updated .NET logo:

    New .NET logo!

    PDC is going to be rockin!

  • PDC 2008 Who's coming to PDC Thread

    PaoloM said:
    Stebet said:
    Sadly, not. Sad
    I'll be at PDC. Last PDC we organized a channel9 dinner. I'd love to help plan another one.

  • It's over. I'm leaving.

    BlackTiger said:
    Charles said:
    Errr... Just celebration of "jamie"'s leaving...
    Deep-fried Mars bars, deep-fried pizzas and haggis, plain haggis, irn-bru, climbing on Walter Scot's monument etc...

    Last week's VS2010 series was terrible, horrible.

    In fact I can't believe how poorly done each of those video were.

    I'm with Jamie...I'm going  to leave C9...

    C9 is a terribly boring place and Charles and crew don't listen to the community here.

    Plus I can't believe how lazy the dev team is...goosh..

  • PDC Boy Band

    maxzuck said:
    Dovella said:
    That's me!

    And that's a real DVD of Win7, no joke!
           if you wrote the "song" any chance we can get the lyrics posted here?

  • PDC Boy Band

    That's awesome. Awesomely bad. I wonder who wrote the song - Charles are you giving your musically talents a try?

  • Code Camps - Are they ​fun/educati​onal?

    I've gone to about 8 of them. You can learn a lot when you're there. But in Boston expect a TON of people...like 200+ Also they serve you pizza which isn't too shabby seeing how it's free. Expect a lot of hardcore Linux geeks.

    I love going to code camps because the networking with others is great.

    I started going to code camps in college and I loved the freebies they gave away back them (they weren't as well known). I did get a few free lance gigs from the code camps too.

    Are you from the Boston area? It'd be great to get another niner invovled in the Boston tech scene.

    I can't go to this code camp because I'm going to be in Australia next week....me'h.

  • Going Deep with the Channel 9 Dev Team

    wisemx said:
    Q: Where the heck is my 9 Guy? Big Smile
    How is C9 branching structure setup?
    How often do you guys merge?
    What's your unit test code coverage look like?

    Can we see during the interview the code structure for C9?

  • E7 Blog: The Windows 7 Team

    PaoloM said:
    Dr Herbie said:
    Eventually, the role of a PM shifts from feature design to feature management during the product lifecycle. In the former, the PM writes and advocates specs for his feature, coordinating resource allocation and messaging. Everything is very fluid and the ability to think on your feet and keep a tab on other teams' work (to coordinate and leverage) is essential.

    Then, when development starts, the PM become part of the bug triage team (PM, dev, test) that decides when and how to resolve issues that crop up during development. At this point he's also responsible for introducing and vetting DCRs (design change requests). The situation now is much more structured with the PM involved mostly in making sure that dev and test can do their work without interference and distractions.

    After development is completed, the PM keeps triaging incoming bugs but starts to take care of other aspects like localization, release management, support, policy compliance, etc etc etc.

    In the end, it's the PM that presses the "Publish" button on the CMS that makes the bits available to the public Smiley

    We PMs don't like to talk about dunk tanks or other fun activities...
    Hey PaoloM why are you referring to the PM as a guy..."specs for his feature"....hasn't the WM_IN series taught you anything?
    I would recommend using "his/her" and "he/she".