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Zeo Zeo Channel 9 :)
  • New PDC announced

    Just a guess, but I'm thinking that PDC 2005 will be the Whidbey/64bit windows PDC. If marketing has their way this seems probably. It's strange having read about whidbey for the last 2 years and yet it still hasn't released, BUT I'd rather wait for some massive unveiling where MS gets the developer story right than have Whidbey out early.

    Sure development and documentation should be done, but all of the labs, websites, tools, and tips and tricks need alot more time to bake.

  • New PDC announced

    Scoble, I'd love if you could talk with him and ask him 5 questions[I don't expect an answer to the last one--atleast not publicly Wink ]:

    1) Given the massive amount of coordination between various MS platforms(Longhorn, Yukon, Whidbey, Tablet PC) needed before planning a PDC, and with so much not yet completely developed, how are you able to plan this far in advance?

    2) Given the intensive amount of material being presented during a PDC, what is the event team doing to make being an attendee more manageable(last PDC due to scheduling conflicts Jim Alchin gave every attendee a DVD containing 50 of the most popular sessions) how are you approaching this dilemma/problem?

    3) At PDC 2003 blogging was the rage. Everywhere I looked I saw people wearing shirts saying, "I'm blogging this", what are your thoughts on enabling blogging before and during the PDC 2005.

    4) PDC is incredible, almost every geek at Microsoft is out talking with people, so what's the worst logistical nightmare you've dealt with in past PDCs and what makes executing a PDC challenging/exciting?

    5) Given the timeframe of big product releases such as Whidbey, betas of Longhorn, X-box2, Windows Mobile 2006, what will the PDC 2005 wow factors be, besides great content and access to Microsoft deliver, what's the developing story for PDC-->How will you surpass the unveiling of Longhorn at PDC 2003? Plus will PDC 2005 have any jabs at apple, like apple had between Microsoft Longhorn and Apple’s Tiger (for example: get your photocopiers ready)


    Just thought of another question
    6) What's the budget around swag giveaways for a PDC, i.e. how many free t-shirts are  you expecting to give away? 
  • New PDC announced

    I have to wonder if we're going to see all the news around Longhorn dry up until September, so that the PDC comes off with a big bang. I'm looking into going to this PDC because the last one was awesome Smiley. Great job MS.

    Scoble, I would love to have a channel9 video interview with the team that's in charge of PDC to hear about how their trying to make it better than the last. Do they have a blog somewhere?

    [Edit fixed the spacing so it wouldn't look like MS.Scoble]

  • MVP Visting India, Like to Visit Microsoft Office

        The class comprises of 8 students, 7 of whom are graduate students working on their masters in information technology and myself as a senior majoring in CS. We are visiting several companies throughout India primarily focusing on 3 aspects: 1) Global collaboration and management of information exchange on large-scale IT projects; 2) Developer tool sets (C++, C#, VB.Net) and practices and practices in architecting software solutions; 3) Company investment trends in research and development in India.

    I understand that Microsoft has made a large investment in both technical infrastructure and people in India. My research project is looking more closely at how Microsoft integrates its technical resources from India into its software design lifecycle for product development and product support.

    In terms of visiting companies who have operations in India we’ve been able to get brief tours of their facilities and then to have round table discussions with mangers and developers to discuss: 1) their educational and personal background, 2) their perspective on the rapid changes in India regarding IT, 3) the corporate perspective on how their India operations fit into their IT portfolio.


    All of the students are eager to study Microsoft and visit their India offices (as an MVP my excitement rubs off). Given that there are many different divisions within Microsoft, we’d love to have the opportunity to visit with an India MSDN PM, secondly an India research and development PM, and thirdly an India business management PM. Please understand that we are interested in meeting with Microsoft India representatives, but we understand that schedules are tight and deadlines loom so we understand if everything we are asking for is not possible. After researching Microsoft India’s website we weren’t able to determine if Microsoft has offices or what type of offices are located in the following cities:

    1)      Mumbai

    2)      Pune

    3)      Bangalore

    4)      New Delhi


    Could you please send us the address information if offices exist in those cities?


                Lastly our schedule is actively coming together and we will be in the following cities at the following times where we could schedule in one or more visits:

    Tuesday, January 4th, 2005: Pune Jan 9th, 2005      Afternoon

    Wednesday, January 5th, 2005: Pune                     All Day 
    Monday, January 10th, 2005: Mumbai                     Morning
    Tuesday, January 11th, 2005: Mumbai                    All Day

    Wednesday, January 12th, 2005: Delhi                    Morning


    We are very appreciative of any contacts you could put us in touch with.


    Thank you,


    Ian Ceicys

    Thankyou for all of the e-mails that have already come in. Smiley

  • MVP Visting India, Like to Visit Microsoft Office

    Hello Channel 9 from India. My name is Ian Ceicys and I am going to school on the east coast of the US in Boston. I am both a student ambassador to Microsoft as well as a C# Visual Developer MVP. I am taking a software archiecture and outsourcing course and we're traveling to India from January 2nd-18th. We will be traveling from Mumbai,Pune,Bangalore, and New Delhi. My professor has asked me if Microsoft has any offices in those cities and whether or not we could arrange a tour? I am a graduating senior from Bentley College and I'm looking to come work for Microsoft. If you could get in contact with me so I can begin to set something up on the trip I would be very appreciative. My e-mail is Zeo01@hotmail.com

    I look forward to meeting.

  • Channel 9 - What works, what sucks?

    Lenn and Scoble,
          You guys have been putting the metal to the pavement on channel 9 and it shows. The growing amount of content and the refreshed design are just the tip of the iceberg in proving Microsoft's dedication to this experimental conversation. Never before have I been able to experience such a window into Microsoft, and honestly I really do feel like I'm part of the conversation. Having been at the PDC and being an MVP, every week I look forward to more Channel 9 videos and discussions.

    Needless to say, there are a few things that could be improved. First things First Visiblity. I haven't seen Microsoft.com profile Channel 9 on its homepage. What better way to get people to know they can be part of the conversation?

    Second on the events page at http://msdn.microsoft.com/training/webcasts/ I send tons of people there but again no visibility for Channel9.

    To answer your questions.

    1) Undoubtedly what brings me back is Scoble. Nahh, I'm just kidding, it’s his mad video skills. Yes it's the videos that make me spend so much time here. The videos are the bread and butter of this site. On the other hand I've been able to speak to several Microsoft people because of my forum posts, so that's a close second [i.e. having Microsoft people exploring channel9].

    2) Tweaks One area that could be improved would be site design. Yes it's an awesome site design. My only issue is with the right side active threads. It's very cluttered, why not just leave the title and delete out the truncated summary (what good do those summaries really do?)

    3) If I were king for a day...... I'd hold a monthly or bimonthly chat for registered members on channel 9. But I'd also get people working on getting more VS Express content up when it launches. Plus I’d give everyone a raise and 2 weeks vacation for the awesome job they’ve been doing so far.


    Keep up the good work!

  • Channel 9 - What works, what sucks?

    I am whole heartedly against text transcripts of the videos. DO NOT MAKE TEXT TRANSCRIPTS!!!!


    What makes channel 9 great is the fact that they literally throw the videos together and haphazardly get them done(example Scoble running into a wall). These 5 guys work they're tails off to skirt past MS legal on just about everything they do. Trust me, it's amazing that the videos are archived and that the stream of new videos hasn't run dry.

    If you want them to make transcripts then Channel 9 will become the next MSDN TV, or the horribly boring Microsoft Insider series.

    Slashdotters and the Register love to cut and paste snippets from Microsoft sites and purport them to be something their not.

    If text records exist of these videos then watch MS Legal descend like a pack of ravinous wolfs and literally pre-approve every statement from every employee ever shown on channel 9. [This site would become BORING]

    Also text transcripts would also require the videos to lose their grainy realworld "we just shot this" feel and would become like MSDN TV.

    If you're crazy about the idea of text transcripts for archival purposes, I'd rather see keywords added to the video references for easier searching. But again not full text transcripts.

    Additionally, I don't  have audio at work(because my boss won't let me) so every day I go home to my uber nice Dell with my 5.1 speakers and check out Channel 9 in all of its glory. Or better yet, I save up all the videos all week long and on sunday nights I have a channel 9 & .NET Rocks marathon(Geekness at its pinnacle).

    Just my 2 cents

  • Design Refresh in progress

    I like the new design quite a bit, now if you'll just let us have skinnable colors for the site(like a nice blue/green) then I'll be a happy clam.

  • Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning

    Amazing how e-mails fly so quickly in the Microsoft world. Glad to see the transparency. Videos are a huge draw to channel 9. Yes the forums are nice, but the videos to me are what makes channel 9 so unique.