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Hello, I'm a Mechanical engineer trying his hands on softwares . I have learned C, C++,Data Structures, JAVA, DB( Oracle 11g), Operating Systems, Unix Shell Scripting and a bit of web technology so far. Now I'm switching myself towards Microsoft's Visual Studio and languages related to it and decided to begin my journey with Visual Basic and Bob. Beside all these things, Photography and playing cricket are something that I crazy for..ok enough for now...let us get back to Bob and his tutorials.


  • While Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File - 11

    I was looking for an open thread to thank you on previous 10 tutorials but all threads were closed....finally got the opportunity ...Thanks for creating tutorials that are so simple yet teaches you a lot...are there videos for WinForms apps too using VB..if yes plz share the link..I'll be very grateful to you..well that is already I'm.