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ZippyV ZippyV Fired Up
  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , GreyLensman wrote

    Personally, I am grateful outlook does not properly render HTML.  Imagine how bad our anti-virus/malware/phishing problems would be if it actually worked?  Rendering a subset of HTML is in fact a blessing.

    Obviously javascript, video and audio should not be supported. I'm not even asking for that.

  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , CSMR2 wrote

    I agree that it's a major bug that Outlook doesn't display html email correctly, but what do you suggest as the solution? html needs to be created and edited when you create and reply to emails, and the current Word text editor is very good (both on Windows and on the upcoming Windows 10 mobile). Can there be a solution to this problem without bringing Word's html in line with standard html?

    I didn't have a problem creating emails with Outlook 2003 and even with Windows (Phone) 8 Mail I don't have any problems. I DO have problems when I want to create a rich signature for emails in Outlook. I work for a graphics design agency, we and our customers want to have great looking signatures and newsletters. Since 2007 we are unable to create anything that looks decent. On iOS and Mac OSX Microsoft uses the webkit engine, why would Microsoft not be able to use the IE (Trident) engine on Windows?

  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , elmer wrote


    Presumably, because they are still dithering about over what is their rendering technology going forward... the deprecated IE11 engine or the half-baked Edge engine.

    IE5 did a better job with Outlook 2003 than Outlook 2016.

  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    Until Outlook 2003 Microsoft used Internet Explorer to render HTML emails. That changed with the release of Office 2007 where they started to use Word to render HTML emails. Word is the most horrible way to render HTML. It doesn't even implement the most basic styling features like margin or padding.

    These days websites need to be responsive so they will show good on all kinds of devices and screens. All these new features are great but Outlook (and now Windows 10 Mail too) is staying behind. More people are reading there mails on mobile devices these days and if Microsoft doesn't want to catch up they are going to lose more users using Outlook.

    Countless initiatives have gone up since 2009 where the Office employees promised better support but 8 years after the release of Office 2007, nothing has improved.

    Microsoft, It's Time to Address Outlook's Proprietary Email Format (+ Ignorant response please tell us what is wrong with it, we don't understand)

    Somebody from the Channel9 team should take a camera, go to the Outlook team and ask them why they are still in this situation.

  • The glorious telescreen OS marches on! (as does censorship)

    Kettch already told you 5 months ago to use WSUS if you didn't want GWX on your client machines. You choose to ignore that advice and now you are complaining again.

  • so... they removed full screen from edge...

    Pretty much every feature request on UserVoice says: please add missing feature X from IE to Edge. It's great that Edge is catching up fast with standards but it seems they don't have a UI team.

  • how about this: make a COMPLICATED metro app

    That's very complicated compared to winforms. I would never be able to come up with that solution by myself.

  • the new metro apps are pretty lame...

    The music app has only made one improvement since Windows 8 was released: play music from Onedrive. Windows Media Player had a lot bigger improvements between Windows 98 and XP.

    The Mail app in Windows 10 has gone worse now that Word is used to render HTML emails. It's now just as bad as Outlook: http://imgur.com/a/J1r7S

    Edge? It seems there is only 1 team working on that and they focus 100% of their time supporting new web standards. I like that, but what about the interface?

    I feel like Microsoft doesn't even bother with the apps. You certainly don't need to upgrade to Windows 10 for the new apps. I'll be staying with Windows 8.1 for the next couple of months until I see some real improvements.

  • the future of windows

    , spivonious wrote

    I think the long-term plan is to give away the OS and charge users for subscriptions to services, e.g. Office, Xbox Live, Groove Music, OneDrive, etc.

    You guys seem to forget Microsoft receives 20-30% on all Universal App sales. This should be the replacement income for lost Windows sales. Sadly Microsoft is not very serious with their own apps and app store. But hey, Solitaire is now freemium for only 10$/year.

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?


    • Modern Applications - The store looks like * since Windows 8. Microsoft does have a great example they can follow, like Apple's app store. But for some reason they stick with this ugly layout.
      Modern Applications are still slow and don't provide anything new compared to the native ones that shipped with Windows XP. Can anyone tell me what's new in Groove Music? Is the videoplayer better than WMP?
      Let's take a look at how the new Mail app in Windows 10 renders HTML emails.

    • Edge - Extensions are coming later but at the moment Edge is too unstable and has worse javascript support than IE11. I'm not going to use it for now.

    • Start Menu - I actually like the fullscreen Windows 8.1 startmenu. I don't see any improvements for me.

    • Dual Monitor Support - Haven't tested this yet as I'm not going to install Windows 10 on my main desktop pc.

    • Cortana - Useless. Just like Bing, Cortana is not available in Belgium so this feature is completely useless to me, just like on the Windows Phone.

    • Automatic Driver Updates - Does ANYONE think this is a good idea? It's indeed not a good idea. For basic motherboard chipset or printer drivers that don't install anything besides a couple of dll's it's ok.

    • Multiple Desktops - Haven't really needed this.

    • GUI Uniformity - Complete mess.