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ZippyV ZippyV Fired Up
  • Better than Halo 2? >-> Pariah <-<

    View the Screenshots Watch the Trailer
    Release: 3 May 2005
    Available on: PC, X-Box and Playstation 2
    [click the logo to visit the website]

  • Xp Reduced Media Edition

    Windows XP, dont-buy-this edition;


    Windows XP, soundless edition;


    Windows XP, Free Pr0n edition. <--Now that's the one

  • Dr Frankenstein and his Monster

    What were they talking about?

  • I want to hear from the MS Devs on this one:

    jonathanh wrote:
    I remember one party in 1999 where he was describing his plans for an isolated farm...

    Did he actually do the farm thing?

  • Raw Sockets

    Beer28 wrote:
    I dunno zippy, it was kind of an interesting one and I missed it the first time around.
    Sure beer, I have nothing against your replies in this topic. But I hate it when someone bumps up a 1 year old topic without a reason.
    BTW, since SP2 the sockets implementation has been changed so the article isn't very valid anymore.

  • Raw Sockets

    Donkslayer wrote:

    Stop bringing up old topics

  • Hypothetical moral question..

    If the board would make a wrong decision based on your lies, the company can be killed by it. And so will you if you lie.

    You have to make sure that when you leave, they notice somebody important was lost.

  • Hypothetical moral question..

    I hope you can read this before Monday:
    Why do you want to leave the company when only the PM is the (euuh?)non-fresh apple in your situation?

    Just a couple of situations I would choose between:

    • Find someone you trust and has a higher position in the company hierarchy (probably big boss), and tell him what the PM expected of you, and tell that you're not going to do that;
      Possible result: PM goes;
      If PM doesn't go and PM knows: You go;
    • Tell PM something like 'dunno yet, I'll see', when you are at the meeting with the board make sure PM (and other non-boarders) aren't there and tell the board the truth: You like their suggestions, you made yourself a plan (show it too), your colleages support you but the PM doesn't like it and wants you to lie.
      Expected result: PM goes, you get promoted;
    • Tell PM he should lie, not you; but let that guy from the board you know well, know that PM is lying.
      Expected result: PM goes;
    • Ask majority shareholder first;
    • Tell PM you don't lie,
      Expected result: ???;
    • Tell PM you lie for 10 million $,
      Expected result: same as above;

    Does your wife know about this? She knows you/the situation better than we do. Talk with her.

  • Hypothetical moral question..

    Beer, don't hijack this topic by involving OSS/Free Software and saying "That's what sucks about working for commercial enterprises. It's all about money".

    I would lie only if they payed me 10.000.000 $.

  • Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates

    What did we actually get in return for activation? Lower prices because of less "casual copying"? Nope nothing, in fact prices are still way too high.