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    Yea, at the end of April if I still dont get the update.

    At least with Android I get a device with all the basic features you'd expect in a "Smartphone", not a smartphone I cant customize my goddamn ringtone.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone


    Obviously you are referring to me, and childish? Oh please! All I want is for my phone to crashing, for the Wi-Fi/3G connection to stop freezing, for my phone to stop going silent all of a sudden leading to miss calls, all I need is fixes to these bugs. If that makes me childish then I’m a child. 



    I just looked up your blogs, you seem to be one of them MS evangelist. No wonder, preach on.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    I can’t believe you guys post this PR BS on channel 9. You think the ppl who come on here are a bunch of dummies. 

    "The February update is on most phones now".

    Really? Are kidding me, I have got an open market unbranded Omnia 7 and I have received no update with no clue If i ever will. I bought this phone knowing fully well about some missing features and bugs, but I bought it because MS promised quick and frequent update directly from MS. I was expecting something similar to the Windows update processes only to find out that this is going to be worse than that of Android.

    There are so many issues and bugs I have with my Omnia 7 ranging from the market place crashing becoming unresponsive till i restart the phone, WIFI/3G refusing to connect till I restart, suddenly no sound from the device till I restart, to missing features. I knew about missing features such as copy and paste and multitasking but I could not believe simple features as customized ring tone, saving my darm camera settings, separate volumes for separate functions, I can go on, where going to be missing as well.

    These bugs and simple missing features make it really frustrating to use the device, now it seems that I'm going to have to go through this heartache to get updates when and if these features are fixed, and I find this really unacceptable. 

    I have stopped recommending WP7 to my friend and colleague who see it and like the UI and want to buy one, because really there is absolutely NO reason now to get a WP7 device over and iPhone nor an Android device, none. It makes me feel like a traitor but WP7 is lacking so many features and with an update process like this then you might just be stuck on whichever build of the OS you buy.

    Coming from a Nokia 5800 to the Omnia 7, I wonder why Nokia is adopting WP7, my 5800 Symbian device did so many thing right that WP7 gets so wrong. The frustration of users coming from Symbian to WP7 is going to be huge.

    I spent 450 Euros for my Omnia 7, and looking back now what a dumb a** decision that was, with that price I could have gotten a very high end Android phone and 100 Euro more I would have gotten the iPhone 4 and not have to deal with this BS.

    Well I am going to wait till the end April, and if I don’t get the update by then (for an unbranded open market phone), then it’s over. I will count my loses, sell my Omnia 7 at whatever price, get an Android or an iPhone and NEVER EVER AGAIN buy MS phone.