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  • Gracefully Handling Exceptions - 20

    I liked this video because it offered technique as well as theory and motive. Instead of just showing me how to handle exceptions so that I'm pleased with my software, it went on to explain why that should be a priority in my coding practices: I'm the advocate for my customer. Carrying that to conclusion:  if my customer is unhappy, I've both angered somebody and lost a customer. Both could be avoided by being conscientious in my coding.

  • Understandi​ng Namespaces and Adding References to Assemblies - 17

    This was a great treatment of namespaces and assemblies. Thanks!

  • Understandi​ng and Creating Classes - 14

    I've been in some form of programming for the past 15 years but, as a largely self-taught student, I have gaps in my knowledge. This is true both in theory and environment specifics (VS 20xx). I really appreciated this lesson and look forward to viewing the rest of the series. I highly recommend this series for new(er) developers!