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  • Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3 - 03

    Hi Bob,


    When you float image to the right and second image displays underneath the first which looks great.. However this is not the case when some one uses high resolution ie: 1369x1024 etc.. i was having same issue and was so annoyed cuz i couldnt figured out where did i made any mistake and i left the series twice but came back in 2 months time as i love you as teacher Smiley ...

    it gives the same display as your if i zoom-in the explorer or chrome about 130% but on 100% both images shows side by side.. any solution please Sad .. thanks

  • Series Introduction - 01

    Dear Bob... I have been following this series and downloaded the c# 2010 express edition. I had it before but reinstalled it and few other programs over and over and now problem is my intellisense is not working any of the IDE..(ie, c# 2010 express, vwd 2008 express, sql server management studio).

    I had uninstalled c# and installed it again but still its not working even i have checked it from every possible options and settings... can you suggest what could be wrong please as its very annoying writing code without intellisense.
    I am using windows 7 home professional 64bit