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  • The future of Entity Framework (EF7)

    I think EF7 is going to be great but you should really consider calling it EF light or something, not EF7, its really no a representative name, its not an evolution of EF6 and EF6 will still be used alot after EF7 comes out.

    EF light would be alot more cler and also not give the message that  EF6 is not useful to anyone anymore

  • Project Centennial": Converting your Classic Windows App (Win32, .Net, COM) to a Universal Windows App for Distribution in the Windows Store

    Suppose i make an appx that is not deployed to the store, i wonder how the updates will work then.. can you supply like an alternate url for it to look for updates?

  • Hacking Augmented Reality with Kinect

    so windows holographic seems extremely related to this, do you see windows holographic being used as an os/frontend/whatever for this?


  • Developing for HoloLens

    i know they're pushing hololens as a wireless device but i hope there is an option to run tetherd as well to take advantage of more powerful graphics in desktop hardware

  • MCP Insider Series - AMA with Jeffrey Snover: (02) MCP Insider Series - AMA featuring Jeffrey Snover (Part II)

    Just a follow up on the guid thing, i see the reasoning for having a key to identify a machine but my question was really if that key really had to be a guid or just any text (and now i know!) it's not a big deal, just a mild inconvenience when you're setting up a pull server configuration.

    In the dsc MVAs you mention having the same config id on multiple machines and how in those cases the config id can be thought of as the "webserver" configuration for example. well i was thinking in those cases, why can't i just call it "webserver" then :)

    Oh well, i'm in the process of writing my own pull server that will have some extra features where i can abstract that stuff away, witch i guess is the point. But it does make pull servers and "pure" dsc a little bit harder to get into :)

  • Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Custom Resources: (04) Using Classes to Build a Custom Resource

    Really really hope you enable writing class based dsc resources in c# as well :)

  • ASP.NET 5: Deep Dive


    .net core is basically a cross platform version of .net, with a clr and a specific subset of libraries (and support for portable libraries)

    With .net core you have an option to compile your code directly to native code, also compiling away all the stuff in .net your program isnt using and performing whole program optimization. that process is called .net native.

    So .net core is a smaller portable version of .net and .net native is a technology to compile .net core programs to native code and also do a bunch of optimizations

  • WPF in 4.6 and beyond

    The live sessions is over, but the recording is coming, usually it takes 24-48h

  • New Opportunities for Independent Developers

    So can you clarify if universal apps are able to run on the exclusive partition at all? are they allowed to do that if they g othough a publisher/id@xbox or are they compltley locked out of that?

    If so that is very disapointing.. it would mean that you'd need two deployments, one for universal apps and one for the xdk and it greatly diminishes the value prop of using universal apps for high end pc games :/

    Please enable universal apps to take advantage of the exclusive partition as well, even if it means having to go though a publisher/id@xbox [for targeting that]. Only being able to run on the system partition will severely limit the kind of games that will be worth while doing as universal apps..

  • Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance

    Really cool stuff, i don't suppose all these new features are in the current win10 build? when do you think they will be available?

    Also more generally, i think one of the hardest bits for people learning directx today is that the official docs and programming guides are a little light, is that something your're looking to to improve for windows 10? (at or close to RTM i mean, all though the earlier the better)

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