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Allan Lindqvist aL_ Kinect ftw
  • Bart De Smet: Rx Update - .NET 4.5, Async, WinRT

    cool stuff!

    i really wish anders will allow us to treat events like a normal multicast delegate properties, that way you could write extensions methods for things like rx on them Smiley

  • .NET 4.5: Oleg Lvovitch and Kevin Ransom - Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) 2.0

    i love mef and ive built a huge wpf app using it pretty much everywhere Smiley

    what's especially great is the extensibility, that's something that most frameworks really dont focus on, [why whould they? why build support for competing frameworks?] But mef is part of the larger .net framework and like mvc it feel really focused on beeing the IoC 'glue'

    i really hope this trend will continue in 4.5, cant wait to watch this Smiley

  • Jason Zander: Why Conferences Matter

    Thats true i guess.. but still there are so many tech-eds and people seen to get sent to those Smiley Even without repeat sessions there is a whole bunch of things that where not covered in detail at build. Imo the interviews charles is doing now about 4.5 (great stuff by the way) should really have been sessions at build, at least in part.

    People are jumping at every chance to shout that wpf is dead, silverlight is dead and pretty much any technology microsoft already released is dead. Now while i dont really belive that, alot of people do. Microsoft has a reputation of constantly inventing new things and then dropping them, regardless if thats actually true or not.

    Having fewer shorter conferances where there is only time to really talk about one thing is not helping this view Smiley

    About developer content at teched.. i dunno man but i rarely see threads or blog posts where someone is raving about the awsome new feature revealed at tech-ed :/ Also there is no c9 live at teched and generally much less exposure of tech-ed than say, pdc or build. Now, i dont know if people are just missing the tech-ed content or it doesnt contain enough edge-y dev stuff, but teched dosnt feel like a dev conferance to me..

    Personally i thought the IT-Dev ratio was more like 95-5% but if thats not true, great! Glancing at the latest tech-ed session list, i didnt see much developer stuff though, but maybe i have to dig deeper Smiley

  • Jason Zander: Why Conferences Matter

    If conferances are so important [and agree that they are] why is microsoft steadily reducing them in number and size?

    Didnt pdc, winhec and mix used to be about a week each? now they're one four day conferance... why, when microsoft introduces new technologies its at the expense of other ones that you still claim is of equal relevance (wpf > silverlight > directUI/html+js) 

    And before you jump me, yes, i know you say all these technologies are just as relevant and you're doing investments in them and all that, but you do not give them equal exposure, and that is what people see. the other stuff is just words. im sorry but that's the truth..

    At the same time there are like a bazilion tech-eds all over the globe, what happend to "developers, developers, developers" guys.. :/

  • Goodbye 9: Nic Fillingham Exit Interview

    Aw schucks :/ Gonna miss you man, really hope you're not gone forever! i'd like to sincerely thank you for all the things you've given us on c9. Great stuff!

    Hell yeah i'll come to the campus, just need to trick my employer to send me to seattle Smiley

    The salt thing was interesting, did you know that the components of salt, sodium and chloride, are extremely toxic by them selves but when you put them together, you get something humans need to live.. boggles the mind Wink

  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    welcome Smiley

  • CLR 4.5: David Broman - Inside Re-JIT

    cool stuff.. i wonder if this could be used to enable edit and continue and quickwatch for lambdas.. that would be a killer debugging feature Smiley

  • Silverlight TV Sverige #07 - Low Latency Sound Playback

    yää, sverige Smiley

  • TWC9 September 9th 2011

    the mdl guys found some very interesting references to appx and immersive apps inside the silverlight5 mscorelib, but im guessing you cant comment on that Wink build is only three days away but it cant come soon enough Smiley

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Benedict Gaster on C++11, C++ AMP, C++ Renaissance

    great stuff,

    just a nit pick but gpus do have alot more than 20 cores, just the last gen dual chip dx10 card in my box has 1800 cores Smiley