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Allan Lindqvist aL_ Kinect ftw
  • Taming Windows & Cross referencing

    i might be misinterpreting your question.. but if what youre asking is "is it possible to have two or more windows open at once" the awnser is certenly yes.. that is the whoe point of windows Smiley and has been ever since it was first consived.. the "taming" as you call it can be achive by simply not maximizing all your windows.

    use the maximize/restore button found on most windows to do this.. then resize the window useing the handle at the lower right corner on the screen to get it to a suitable size. windows can be moved around by dragging the name list around

    when windows is first installed it does not maximize all windows as far as i know.. but as mentioned earlier you can rightclick on the taskbar and choose from the auto arrange options found there.

    as for cross referencing, anchors must be created by the author of the website as there is now way for any program to know were an anchor should be placed.. the same holds true for any text.. in a word doc or a pdf one can use the page number.


  • Can Microsoft be cool?

    i think what ever cooless apple has is very shallow.. its all abour the look of the box and nothing about the contents..

    personally i think microsofts coolnes has improved ever seince the 250 color folders in 98 Wink vistas glass theme is certinaly cool Smiley

    also much of microsofts uncoolness is caused by the uncoolnes of pcs in the past.. the lightgray box.. but pc:s are not like that anymore..

    alot of the coolnes of the non microsoft stuff i think also comes from just that, they are not microsoft. they are "original" of course theyre  not at all original especially not google.. they own the search market..

    but so did altavista once Smiley

    íts just to bad that microsoft takes such giant leaps instead of more frequent updates.. this makes the older version (xp, ie6) seem so.. old.. but then when the next gen comes (vista, ie7) they are back on top again

  • Windows Powershell rant

    monad sounds a bit like "gonad" tho Perplexed


    M shell or msh "mush" sounds kinda cool Big Smile

  • What a F$%^ked up way to break up with someone

    die-Sel wrote:
    ill buy her of u, how much, stick her on ebay and ill bet u ill win lol

    dude shes worth more than all teh money in the world;)

  • What a F$%^ked up way to break up with someone

    rjdohnert wrote:
    The thing is i never cheated.  I had a chance to sleep with a girl of work that has a tattoo of a butterfly spanned over both breasts, Im not gonna say how I saw it but I turned it down.  I felt pretty proud of myself, I had looked temptation in the eye, was faced with having to choose.  I need to shoot myself.   

    then your consiens is clear dude.. you will feel like crap for a while but you will get through it Smiley and when you do you will find someone alot better. i did Smiley  (my current gf likes star trek FFS. how cool is that? Big Smile)

    some say karma is bs but i think there some truth to it.. after rain comes snshine and so on and so fourth..

    i think you'll be best of alone in a room listenting to some angry music (i recomend linkin park) turned way up.. stay in there for a while and blow of some steam..

    you WILL feel better, altho it might not seem like it now Smiley trust me

  • What a F$%^ked up way to break up with someone

    dude im sorry :/ i know how you feel tho.. ive been broken up with over sms and msn and over the phone.. that is just plain cowardly :/
    how long were you together? 

    i say screw her.. but that stuff is hard to let go when youre not even given a reason.. that is so fakkin frustrating :/ i mean thats the least thing she could do..

    again im sorry dude :/ nothing i can say can really make it better but atleast you have my sympathy

  • Google is fearing IE7

    blatzcoder wrote:
    Okay. Thanks for pointing that out that you can "sell your creation", but I am going to assume they only did this to kill off SharpDevelop, which is an open source project. I really don't believe it was out of the goodness of Microsoft's heart. SharpDevelop is rapidly approaching Visual Studio's abilities, and is likely perceived as a threat.

    well if youre selling your software i dont think you qualify as a hobbyist anymore..

    further more why shouldnt microsoft be able to compeat at the same terms as SD (i.e. provide their software freely) everyone is on about about microsoft inhibiting competition but at the same time they want to inhibit microsoft as much as possible. talk about double standards..

    and why should SD even be afrid? if their software is great they should be able to beat microsoft even if the terms are equal (this is they are both free) why is it that as soon as an open source project is beeing challanged its beeing "killed"? its called competition. its a good thing. isnt it the open source comunity that is agains monopolys? yet they get all crankey if their project is the subject of competition..

    as for google? that is total bs if you ask me.. the didnt complain when google was made the default in firefox opera and others. and why should microsoft be forced to use some other default than their own search product? does the google toolbar allow you to change search engine? hardly.

    the calims that microsoft is tricking users inteo useing msn seach is also bs. you dont have to use the search box and i if you do it says "msn search" before a search query is typed.. not to meantion the fact that it akes less than 10 clicks to change the default.. micro soft even provide a direct link for ppl wanting to use google on Their site!

    google is simply exploiting the political correctness in flameing microsoft.  (as any good capitalist whould) lets just hope that our courts are not full of fanboys.. Smiley