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  • Reads Mini-​Microsoft and Wears Shorts in Winter - Lisa Brummel, VP of HR

    Dear Lisa and channel 9;
    I found Ch9 2 years ago and have peeked in periodically.
    Lisa's video interview was so engaging, I really connected with what she had to say. I am taking a chance, registered so I could reply:

    To whom should I go?  What option should I explore? I am a nurse, teacher, and have developed a passion for computers. I am frustrated by few options to help those who are not computer literate but otherwise very intelligent (women) both in the top of their careers (as nurses or teachers) but hampered by the hardware and software ideosyncracies.  My hospital IT persons blow me off and tell me it is not my job. Well, I dont think I have to take a programming course to tell the muckety-mucks in Nashville/corporated that their chosen systems are making our jobs worse and harder not better and easier.

    Please refer me to a resource to channel my burning desires to help!
    Anne Tilly
    Dawsonville GA