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  • Vinod M Kumar (MVP) - Talking about SQL Server

    In this edu video, Vinod has provided a high level view of new features in SQL Server 2005. It is sometimes easy to get lost in the feature set that is of immidiate requirement. With this talk Vinod provides a concise description of the same in very short time.

    I really liked the part at the end where he talks abou the community around SQL Server in India. There is a lot of times when you wonder can i meet these people from India who feel the same pains as i do.
  • Alan Griver and friends - Off to visit user groups in India

    For a list of user groups in India, please visit:

    If you are in one of the cities where your user groups exists, make sure to attend the upcoming sessions..

    If there is a user group that you know that is not listed there, please write to indiaug@microsoft.com
  • Gaurav Khanna - What is Rotor?

    this was my first introduction to the Rotor!! had heard about Rotor being called out in congregations of intellects loud enough and repeated several times to scare the passsing mortals out of their wits..
    when i was a student, always wanted to do something significant with technology..
    with gaurav's preview of Rotor, i think it is an excellent opportunity for students to grab the rotor source code and show their own implementation on the operating system of their choice..
    as a additional bit of information, Mono project is the implementation of the CLI on the Linux platform..