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Niner since 2015

I've been an MCT since 1998, passing the knowledge to numerous individuals, some that have become successful in the IT field, one of which became the CIO of a company - he started as a forklift operator. I've participated in the original MSFT AD & DNS Newsgroups, and now the TechNet forums.

I've also a Directory Services MVP since 2002. I'm currently on a contract assignment for Thomas Jefferson University & Hospital, in Philadelphia, PA, working as an Office 365 engineer and working with the Windows Infrastructure team. It has been taken up some of my time, but I will be putting some instructional videos and blogs from what I've learned, especially in the PowerShell area, since that is a major tool in administration on the enterprise level that many in the field can relate to.

I've found that creating videos is the easiest way to teach someone how a product or process works, no matter what the process, and especially in the IT field. I will be offering what I can here.
More to come!