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  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    You guys should add the Video Length (Play time) to the Description in the RSS feed. This would save guys like me (or probably just me) a click to see the play-time.

  • Usability Research at Microsoft

    Maybe they did the research on people like me Smiley . I rarely, if ever Shutdown my computer. It always goes into hibernation. The percentage of laptops sold is growing each year, and I remeber reading somewhere that it surpassed desktop sales a couple of years ago. And Vista which would be sold for the next 3-4 years atleast needs to take this into consideration. Just my take on why it might have been designed that way.

    stun wrote:
    I am going to be very sarcastic here to let my pent up frustration with the "Shut down" button being hidden...
    I say they need to go do some more research... I feel better after letting that out of my chest...