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  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    Isn't the ability to get (and print!) driving directions a key scenario once the novelty of glancing at aerial views of my childhood home and the White House wears off?  I  wonder if most repeat visitors to map sites are searching for directions or for the Hollywood sign...

    Following the "Drive To" and "Drive From" links takes me to the same old MSN Maps & Directions, cluttered with ads and loads of extraneous information, and lacking all of the cool new VE features!

    Bugs after playing around for 2.5 minutes:

    Many of my searches seem to be timing out... the location window just says "Loading..." indefinitely, with no status updates if a timeout occurs.

    VE seems to be having some issues finding locations that Google Maps finds without any problems, like "magnolia & tujunga, north hollywood ca".

    Search for "4th & pike, seattle wa", text in the scratch pad replaces '&' with '& a m p ;'

    Anyhow, cool app, and congrats on the launch!  I'm sure you'll work out all the kinks with time.