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  • Windows Vista: Ready for ReadyDrive

    It's kool. It will really boost the system bootup and increase in the system performance but on the other side people those who are already using the laptops will need to rmove their laptops or just need to replace the HDD and OS?

    Shall this new hardisk work with existing Intel boards?

    From the business point of this will really increase th business for both MS and HDD manufacturer too, but the touhg part for the Consultant when they have to convince the client to buy the new OS because no body wants to change the OS every 2-3 years and have to pay more. People don't want to invest again and again. Actually they don't understand the software. When they pay for th hardware they get smething which is physical but for the software they don't understand.

    I must say that this feature should be for PCs, laptops, servers and handhelds too. And as they mentioned in the video that Flashdisk price are reducing half and size increasing double every year. So this gonna help alot.

    Thanks to Vitsa/Windows Performance Team. You really did a good job cand thanks for Channel9 to brining this kind of infromation inside from Microsoft because today this viewo helped me to convince my client to go for Vista and what feature he can utilize and this was one of them.


  • Stephen Toulouse - Introduction to Microsoft's security response center

    XP SP2 ! Does it scan Inbound and Outbound traffic.

    According to my experience XP Firewall will not scan the Malware, Adware and Spyware if they are already installed into the system before the installation of Service Pack 2 with firewall.

    I faced this problem then I've downloaded trial version of AdwareSafe. It then detected few spywares and adwares. To make it sure whether anything left into my system I've downloaded another software AdwareSpy. It then detected two new spyware which were not detected by the previous one.

    So on which product should you trust. As far as XP firewall is concerned it will now scan the both incoming and outgoing packets. But I'll keep on cheking with 3rd party software.

    Other than XP Firewall ZoneAlarm and Sygate has got the capability to scan the outgoing traffic even if there any Adware or Spyware installed into the machine.