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  • Part 11: Working with JSON Data

    , BobTabor wrote

    @ah07171: Thanks for the feedback ... admittedly, because there was an end goal in mind (i.e., the creation of a real app) this got off the ground much faster than the other series.  At what point did you start running into some friction?  Are you also using the Hands On Lab text or just the videos?

    Since you commented on this video, I'm going to assume this was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.  There was a lot of complexity around working with the JSON and that accounted for the majority of the code.  The JavaScript version of this video was literally one line of code, so this was a trade off -- the team that created the Hands On Lab wanted to re-use the JSON data necessitating a lot of parsing and massaging of the data.

    Here's hoping you'll not get discouraged and will continue on with the series.


    Thanks for the reply.

    It was actually some of the previous videos which I got stuck with, the classes, the interfaces some methods...etc, I do understand I have to really break it down and struggle with it.

    I also do understand going into detail with everything would have taken a lot more time and that hoping for a detailed tutorial starting from scratch on a project where the end goal is an app of this complexity was going to be too much. Also this project did require the use of a template.

    However I think I may just start on my own project soon, build something big from scratch something that I may need, instead of hoping to find someone building their own project and making a tutorial on it from scratch, like I have been hoping for hahaha.

    Anyway I will finish this series hoping it makes sense to me at some point, and I'm sure I will pick up a few new things along the way. 

    I look forward to your next series. 

  • Part 11: Working with JSON Data

    Wow I understood your fundamental C# series perfectly, but I am finding this series very difficult. 

    I would have liked it if you started a project from scratch building all the classes and interfaces to get a deep understanding of what is going on, as your teaching methods are second to none so far when comparing to Pluralsight and TekPub tutorials. But I understand you may be a very busy man to do such a series.