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  • Episode 127: Windows Azure Scheduler

    The fuzziness seems to be a "property" of the SilverLight version of the video. When set to "Auto" the player will default to smooth streaming, and be fuzzy (I have plenty of bandwidth so that doesn't seem to be the cause). If I manually switch to HTML5 as format I instantly get a much crisper version of the video.

  • Edge Show 79 Microsoft Remote Desktop App

    RDP on Windows Phone is more of a nice to have than need to have. There's the size and resolution of the screen which means I'm much more likely to grad a tablet of some sort if I have it within reach.

    But another thing entirely is the fact that there is no VPN on the current version on Windows Phone. When I use RDP from something else than my computer it's not unlikely that I'm away from my LAN and need to VPN into my network before RDP will have any chance of connecting.

  • Part 27: ​Incorporati​ng Scheduled Toasts

    There seems to be a weird bug with the simulator. Notifications doesn't work inside it. (The permission doesn't show up either.) So to run this lesson you must deploy to the local machine...

  • Benjamin Soulier Logs Into a Web Site Using a Bar Code and Windows Phone

    That is sweet. I have previously been thinking about solving scenarios like this with NFC, but there's not really enough devices with NFC chips yet (and if Apple doesn't include it in their devices an NFC requirement will never fly with actual customers).

    I'm assuming the QR serving bits are based in part on your "building your own STS" series? (I will be working through those posts.)

    You also mention that the WP app is on codeplex - would you be able to share the link?