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  • TWC9: Taskboard & Storyboard in VS vNext, Hadoop on Azure, Tweeting Breathalyzer

    thanks for the news guys.

    the link about xamarin - Xamarin, will provide developer tools is not working


  • C9 Lectures: Dr. Don Syme - Introduction to F#, 2 of 3

    hey Charles can you arrange something with Eric and Don going deep or something like that, to talk about the shift in the fp mindset for imperative programmers (for us which our first language was pascal and second ansi c and end to c# or vb it is quite a step immutability etc) or if this isn't feasible just invite Don to talk about his new book about f# which is coming soon
    thank you

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 Redux

    in the last channel9 video posts i can't see any video platform files, are you cutting it. I used IE8 and FF but i cannot see the different file versions as before. The high wmv is really nice but for online viewing for us people with low bandwidth is kind of useless. I tried to see mark's interview but the thing is not viewable. 


    anyway just extra pain i have to download the whole thing to see it.


    For not saying only the bad things i'm really happy with the new training courses on channel 9,and the nice lessons of Dr.Meier! keep them coming.



  • Silverlight 3 - Running Out Of Browser Apps on the Macintosh

    Mac support in silverlight and the service playing out of the browser are really cool!
    go silverlight!

    Maybe it's not the suitable place to add this comments but it is user input channel 9 is listening .So mic support and sound rec is really needed. I am watching all the cool videos and getting the decision to start a new project to find out that silverlight doesn't support mic in or audio rec. I 'll have to go with flash and that is pretty dissapointing.

    Also In Silverlight beta 3 documentation in msdn the audio category doesn;'t work also it gives me a message that my local english british isn't supported and it gives me all the supported locales listed . i am pressing english united states and nothing happens.
    I am waiting news in future relleases of silverlight for adding mic and audio rec support

    thank you for listening us

  • Don Syme: Introduction to F#, Part 2

    thanks for the links