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  • Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part II

    Nata1 wrote:
    JChung2006 wrote:Did anyone else think it was hilarious when that guy freaked out when Scoble got too close to the memory bits?

    Excellent video!  I must go visit this museum someday!

    Yeah totally - I thought he was joking but when the dude totally flipped out -- I was eating dinner and inhaled some habenaro sauce - it keeps getting funnier every time I watch that

    Yep, that was an even funnier moment in person! He backed away when he saw John Toole... apparently not everyone was informed of what we were up to.
  • Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part II

    Yippie Smiley

    First post!

    Go watch the video everyone -- especially if you can't come to the museum.

    And if you can come to the museum, please visit! I tend to volunteer on the weekends there.
  • Gordon Bell - Tour of the Computer History Museum, Part I

    This was so much fun to make! Great job on the video Robert!!!

  • PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 3

    This is so hilarious! I love it! Pointless, but funny!
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    scobleizer wrote:
    IRenderable: yes, but high school interns seem to be rarer. The Internet Explorer team had a high school intern this year, for instance, but he was a guy who made a name for himself finding security exploits in IE.

    My good friend Mark Hammond was an Intern in high school and college (he was local to Seattle, and went to Caltech) and worked on IE 3,4,5 & 6.

    He's now up in Boston doing an NLP startup, he just recently quit MSFT b/c his wife is getting a PhD up at Yale.

    He's someone I'll introduce you too later, Robert Smiley -- he's sure to keep making waves (he's about 26 now).