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  • C9 Lectures: Greg Meredith - Monadic Design Patterns for the Web - Introduction to Monads

    Great! Greg, I visited your website ( biosimilarity.com ) a few days ago and I read you organise workshops onMonadic Design Patterns for the Web. I wanted to write you an email and ask if you have any video about this for the ones who can't attend your workshops... and now we have it! Smiley

  • Brian Beckman: On Analog Computing, Beckman History and Life in the Universe Redux

    Have fun, here is The Flake Equation:


  • Brian Beckman: On Analog Computing, Beckman History and Life in the Universe Redux

    Yet another random question... (The question of Charles about the z axis of his garden made me less shy about my questions... Smiley So here is my question... How do pocket calculators calculate the sqrt? I understand that it may be easy to implement Newton's method on a circuit, but it isn't an effective way to find the sqrt of perfect squares. It gets closer and closer, but it will produce a result like x.99999...

  • Brian Beckman: On Analog Computing, Beckman History and Life in the Universe Redux

    Ah, great video. A cosmology related question popped up in mind while I was watching this... Maybe Brian or somebody else here can answer it. If Time is not a fixed variable, but it can be distorted, how can we know if the Universe is 13.7 billion years old... Or even, does it make any sense to talk about its age? If Time is "expanding" or is being distorted, maybe the Universe was born just before the moment we call Now... (Sorry, if it's a stupid question.)


    Something else. Brian, you talked about a truck simulator software in another video some years ago and you said something like that maybe you will never see its source code, but the basic idea behind the simulation of metal pieces was quite obvious... now it's an open source software. So you can check it out, if you want.

  • C9 ​Conversatio​ns: Brian Beckman on Complexity

    It always makes me smile when Brain talks about a new technology and asks Charles "is that true?" or says "I don't know...".  I'm pretty sure he knows everything, but he can't talk about an upcoming product. Smiley By the way, Brian, I really enjoyed your video on Channel 8 about turning ideas into products. It'd be nice if you could tell us more about that someday.

  • Brian Beckman: On the General Theory of Channel 9 and Life in the Universe

    Happy Birthday C9! Smiley

    ( a bit of correction... the astrophoto site's url is not apod.com, but apod.nasa.gov )

    Anyway, I really like the interview and I like that Brian talked about the isolation problem of Microsoft. I don't think it's only about geography. Frankly, I always thought that MS lives in a paralellel universe... just take a look at its technical terminology, PR, the way it handles the web etc. On the other hand I accept that it must be hard to operate such a large organization and keep it consistent and appealing to tens of millions of different customers. I think C9 is a great way to show the human side of the company. Good job, guys! Congratulations! Smiley

    By the way, a birthday is always a good ground to start speculating about the future. What do you think the IT world will look like in 5 years?
    (I'm sure only about these: Google will have indexed the books on my bookself and Windows 7 RC1 will be promised for the xmas season... just kidding... Smiley
  • Erik Meijer: Functional Programming

    If you are new to functional programming you might be interested in this tutorial:
    I found it very useful and interesting.
  • Brian Beckman: Don't fear the Monad

    Hello Guys,

    Great video! It's always great to see Brian.

    (Brianbec fans! Do not miss Brian's interview at

    May I ask a question? How many real-world applications are there that are based on functional programming? I heard somewhere that functional principles appear in Google Maps and Google Earth. I'm not sure if it's true or not... I just mentioned. It'd be nice to learn more about some real examples.
  • Brian Beckman: A Brief History of Computing

    Great video! I really like all of Brianbec's stuffs. Smiley If you have a guy at Microsoft with such deep knowledge of computing and calculators, why did not you implement the sqrt function in the scientific mode of Windows calculator? Anybody noticed it's available in normal mode only? Big Smile