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  • Vertigo Software: I See Dead People with WPF

    staceyw wrote:
    Cool app!  Q.  When adding women (i.e. my wife) do I use her birth name or my last name?

    A. It's open to interpretations, so either will work.  To reduce complexity we didn't distinguish maiden name from the married last name.
  • Vertigo Software: I See Dead People with WPF

    caffeineHi wrote:
    You might want to state what version of GEDCOM this is compatible with. 5.5 is current. You may want to either say GEDCOM 5.5 or do some testing.

    Hi CaffieneHi,

    You're correct. is compatible with importing and exporting GEDCOM 5.5.

    I can't seem to find the "Family" Schema. What Genealogy XML specification did you use?

    Our .family file is the serialized representation of the .NET objects and not the Genealogy GEDCOM 6.0 beta schema.

    Hope this helps,
    Alan Le