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  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    Wow! Someone needs to book me a flight to the reality Belfiore is living in! People must even have Mango installed on their phones! He can't possibly be talking about us though, I mean...he just can't, right? Because, it's the end of March in my neck of reality, and refering to the nonexistent updates on my phone as "delivered" would simply be--not true.

    In all seriousness guys...stop taking a defense strategy and go on the offense. Consider us, your supporters, the nicest "enemy" at this point. But don't apologize to us, apologize to the damn Windows Phone dream, the one that is supposed to succeed and beat Google and Apple. Because right now, you guys are failing on every point that promised WP7 to be better than the competition.

  • Hot Apps: Amazon Kindle, Fruit Ninja, ESPN Newsreader, Tetris 7, Sleep Well Tonight

    What about the Amazon and Bank of America apps that Ballmer mentioned in his keynote? I've been wanting those two since WP7 launch...

  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Xbox

    So awesome...on so many levels =D

    I have a year and 2/3 left of college, so I seriously need to start looking for ways my sociology major can get me working for Microsoft, lol! Anybody know someone else who managed?