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Niner since 2005

  • Jason Zander on the WinFX to .NET FX 3.0 rename

    I'm sorry this post won't be constructive but I still want to throw in my .02c...

    I'm a full time .NET/ASP.NET developer since beta1 and I think this versioning is horrible. It takes 33 minutes to explain this descision to label .NET 2 addons as .NET 3?

    Is this an attempt to pull a Netscape jedi mind trick? Lets start getting all our versions out of sync so it will be even harder for me to sell .NET to my clients.

    This is so stupid... Leave the platform alone, release addons, when the platform turns a version, bundle those addons. Let's not show how "innovative" we are by skipping versions.
  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    that's awesome! what you gonna do when windows logo changes ever so slighty again? Smiley