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Alex M alexmac
  • .NET 4.0 essential booklist

    Bass said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    I'm sure a lot of people find some TPL really difficult to grasp, but then again I've personally found that some people have difficulty grasping what the "if" statement does in C. I personally have difficulty understanding the advanced concepts of Topology, while there others who take to it like a fish in the water. Simple is subjective.

    The updated CLR book should be pretty awesome the first one is well worth a read.

    Exoteric -would recommend the LINQ in action book (havent read the apress one)

    Jon Skeet is probably nearly done with his next edition of C# in depth which I am looking forward to.

    Should probably pimp my own book as well (Introducing .net 4 with VS2010 by Apress (http://www.apress.com/book/view/143022455x an overview of all the changes)


    The TPL & threading api changes includes a fair bit more than that but I think its fair to say the TPL is pretty intuitive to use.


    There are obviously changes in all areas but the biggest changes are the TPL, DLR and Workflow.


    The free training kit for VS2010 and white papers are pretty good.

  • Melbourne Devs - new .net user group

    Hi all,

    Just a quick post to let any Melbourne readers know of a new .net user group starting in Melbourne called DevEvening. We are a free to attend group with presentations given by a mix of members and better known speakers on any topic they wish to talk about (related to dev) followed by a pint & tasty meal. 


    This concept is based on a similar I ran in the UK (devevening.co.uk) for about 2 years before emigrating to oz and I guess is across between a geek dinner and more traditional user group. We found this model made for a more interactive and social experience.


    Our first evening will contain presentations on parallelization in .net 4/VS2010 and T4 templates.


    For more information please refer to:



    Hope to see you there,



  • hello¬°¬°

    Sven Groot said:
    jamie said:

    They're inverted exclamation points, I think.

    Does your government claim for houses for ducks through?

    Link: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?Duck_house_MP_Viggers_humiliated&in_article_id=670361&in_page_id=34&in_a_source=

  • Technical Test - singular linked list

    AndyC said:
    blowdart said:

    Well if you either get head or tail, it's usually considered a pretty successful date overall.

    I cant make head or tail of it.. (sorry)

    Thanks for the replies guys. I agree the head/tail terms can be a bit confusing. The solution I implemented was as RoyalSchrubber suggests to just walk till you hit (n-4)th element. I have sent an email querying this as dont want them failing anyone else on this who bothers to read the question properly.

  • Technical Test - singular linked list

    joechung said:

    Maybe the point of the question was to get you to question their correction.  Sometimes people are too easy to submit to authority.

    It was a test that was emailed in and they then said I was unsuccessful in application. I then queried as to why this was and received this answer this morning.

    Sadly even through looks as if I answered this question was correct I got another wrong. To have answered the other correctly I would have needed a knowledge of geometry which for a general programming job is a strange ask?

    Dont get me wrong I agree with the principal of technical tests to weed applicants out but suggest they should not depend on other knowledge to answer correctly and should be focussed on programming skills.

  • Technical Test - singular linked list

    Sven Groot said:
    alexmac said:

    For C# freely read "pointer to the tail" as "reference to the tail", it makes no difference.

    The exact question said given a singular linked list which implies its already set up find the nth item from the tail which surely the only way to find would be to iterate through from the head?

    Ah well never mind dont think I would have got much further in their process given that was the first stage!

  • Technical Test - singular linked list

    Sven Groot said:

    That sounds right to me.

    Of course, knowing in advance that you'll be retrieving items from the tail, you can keep a pointer to the tail instead of the head and have all your links in reverse. Maybe that's what they wanted?

    Maybe but the exact feedback I got was "was approached  from the head instead of the tail" which doesnt imply they were looking for a pointer. It was also written in C# which okay has pointers but I think I have had a reason only once to use them.

  • Technical Test - singular linked list

    Hi all,
    I recently had to do a technical test as part of a job application. This consisted of 3 questions that you had to code an answer for.

    The second question asked you to create a singular linked list and then retrieve 5 items from the tail. I then got told my answer was incorrect as I approached the problem by iterating through from the head. My understanding is that in a singular linked list you can only move from the head to the tail as its singular linked. Is this incorrect?

    Am happy to be wrong on this but wanted to check.







  • Wolfram Alpha

    ZippyV said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    Yeah, that's pretty lame.

    It looks really interesting stuff. However do you really want to trust that wolfram has worked out your query correctly for some historical data search?



  • Will VS2010 run on XP?

    Dr Herbie said:
    Actually, that's a good point : I don't know of ANY businesses running Vista and the company I work for has no plans to upgrade from XP anytime soon (we run what our customers run, hell we're still on SQLServer2000).


    EDIT: to clarify when I say 'I don't know any businesses running Vista', I should have put 'I don't have any customers running Vista, or have any friends working at companies running Vista'
    I agree with Dr Herbie I dont know of any businesses running vista either.