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  • Steven Sinofsky addressed developer frustration and confusion about HTML5 vs Silverlight strategy

     He does have a point, there's no point in saying what Windows 8 will be if they're not sure they can deliver. It did happen with Vista and a lot of people were disappointed. It's better to see things once they're implemented any ways. 

  • C++11 is Officially Official!!!

     Great, I like quite a number of new features including lambdas, auto keyword, threading libraries, etc.. C++ feels modern again. 

     Now if only Windows 8 has good support for it  Wink

  • Learning C# for career development

    , magicalclick wrote


    I would answer. I would put a wrapper around standard library and call it awsome VectorEx Tongue Out

     lol, I'm going to give that one a try on one of my interviews. 

  • Kinect open source driver demo

    , BitFlipper wrote

    I know some people might think this is a good idea and feel all warm and fuzzy about it, but this could have a negative impact. MS spent a ton of money developing this, with the idea that they can make this up with game sales. If people only buy the hardware, then they can't make up the R&D costs. Which makes it a non-profitable product.

    So then they will have to raise the price, cancel the product, sell it only in bundles, and likely they won't develop a Kinect 2.0. None of those are good for Kinect's future.

    Personally I think MS has a right to protect their investment and hope they figure out a way to prevent such unintended uses.


     But how do these people buying only hardware negatively impact those that want to buy the hardware and software? I don't see this negatively affecting MS and Kinect. Seems to me, these people weren't going to use for gaming either way, so now they're simply buying the hardware which still makes MS money.

    Interesting to see a Google engineer helping MS with Kinect. 

  • What would you do for MS?

    spivonious said:

    I'd love to work there. Windows division or some game.

    Same here. I really like their games with managed code movement with XNA. OS programming is the next most interesting thing. 

  • "Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers"

     The university I attend does C/C++ for most courses (x86 and MIPS for low level courses) in the CS program and all Linux (Redhat to be specific) with g++ and Emacs based. We have some teachers who are Linux lovers, going as far as to distribute discs of the OS in class, others don't care. Since I have a minor in MIS (Business college), I took 2 programming classes there, and they use VB for one class and Java for the other, but MIS majors are not coders per se. 


     I've been doing C# after getting into XNA. I wanted to learn some new tech in the summer and decided on C# because MS gives me a free copy of VS2010 and C# is an accessible and productive language. Being hooked ever since. But most students don't care for MS technologies since the school stays clear of it. I think the Dreamspark and MSDNAA initiatives are a good start, XNA is also a nice push. MS needs to show how easy it is to build complex apps with their tools to win over more students. 

  • Windows 8 requests

     I'd like them to keep the same philosophy as with Windows 7 and slim it down even more. Make it faster. Definitely keep the search bar in the start menu (haven't clicked to open a program in ages on Win 7). If a feature/tool is not necessary, take it out and reduce the memory footprint.  Overall, make it fast and simple. 

  • Courier Dead

    xgamer said:

    Though I have been skeptic  about ( as that many other MS Research - Techfest / Concept Video  - Prototypes ) Courier and was expecting it to be another vaporware, I feel sad sometimes when my feeling become truth.


    I think MS Management has to seriously rethink their product lifecycle management style, where they overpromise or atleast create great enthusiasm thru videos and their talks and then never deliver ( not even under ... ).  I think in the current network connected world where news travels so fast ... it will create a disillusion about MS promises in the minds of general public and specially in the minds of MS followers ... 


    So whats next Natal Cancellation ... I dont think Dovella will be a fanboy of MS a lot longer Tongue Out

     Did MS ever even announced they were going to deliver such a product? It's not a cancellation, if it was never on track to be made into a retail product. 


     I was looking forward to it either way, but I knew the chances of it never making it to market were high. Looks like an ipad will have to suffice, 

  • Come out clean and admit it! :)

    Ion Todirel said:
    spivonious said:

    > As far as anime in general, I prefer the more sci-fi/action ones with Akira probably my favorite movie.


    Have you tried Ghost in the Shell? From the recent ones, Yukikaze also comes in my mind.

     I do like Ghost in the Shell. The first movie was great. 

  • Math Quiz: 9 is number one

    bureX said:

    There's a a^2 - ab ≠ 0 missing somewhere, I think Wink

    (by the way, I suck at math)

     That's right. 

    9(a^2 - ab) = (a^2 - ab)  → 0 = 0