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algorith algorith
  • The BigO notation.

     Ah the beauty of big O, still remember it from a year ago. My teacher didn't like it that much, it was hard to get it wrong. Since big O is an upper bound you could have an algorithm that runs in linear time and say O(n^3) and still be right. I'm surprised you're covering big O at the graduate level, but I expect the algorithms you're dealing with must be very complex. In my Data Structures course we did mostly Θ(f(n)), and big O was merely used to defined Θ. Of course we covered simple data structures such as trees( AVL Trees, Red Black Trees, KD Trees..), Graph algorithms (Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford..), .. Although sometimes people use big O in terms of Θ  since it's still right. 

  • XNA Game Studio 4.0,

     Nice to see VS10 integration, it's quickly become my IDE of choice. I'll have to give this a try on the summer, could be good. 

  • Three different browser over three weeks ... the winner is ...

     I use Chrome because it's the fastest. Searching from the same bar used for websites is very convenient. It has a very slick, doesn't get in your way, GUI. 

  • Windows 7 Folder Refresh Problem

     So I finally decide to leave Vista behind and move on to better things (or so I thought) with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition. Did a clean install, etc. So then I noticed when I create new folders, they don't show up until I hit F5 to refresh. Same thing happens when I delete folders. Sometimes if I do it continuously, Windows Explorer stops working and freezes the entire system. Did a little search on google and turns out other people have had the same [url=http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7files/thread/9d1ede23-2666-4951-b3b9-b6c1ce3d1ebf]problem[/url], unfortunately there's no fix that seems to work yet. Apparently it has something to do with the Client for Microsoft Networks, however I've disabled it and the problem still persists. So do the channel9 experts know how to fix this issue or even if there might be some fix coming soon, thanks for future responses. Here's a pic of the problem in action.





    So I've narrowed down the problem, it only seems to occur after I open a window explorer such as control panel or Computer folder, at that moment and thereafter, if I create a new folder it won't show up unless I refresh. Guess I'll just have to avoid doing this (if that's the only thing that causes the problem, still unsure) since MS probably takes ages to fix a bug. 

  • vs 2010 RC is sexy

    Dexter said:

     Brilliant, thank you. 

  • vs 2010 RC is sexy

     Looks better than 2008 however I actually liked how the Beta 1 displayed selected text better than RC. Tried changing it, but it only lets me change the color in the text options. Anyone know if I can change it in the RC to look as in beta 1?

  • I paid for Windows for the first time ever

     Paid for Windows XP Pro, had Windows ME and I was tired of the blue screens. Then bought a computer that came with Vista. And after that I've used my MSDNAA account for another Windows Vista and Windows 7. 

  • Uno de los primeros hilos de Channel 9 en Español

     Tambien soy hispano y un estudiante de ciencia de computacion. Me da gusto conocer otros de habla espanol que disfrutan technologia, especialmente software. 

  • So MS Ranks 51st Best Company To Work For

     On Fortune's 2010 "100 Best companies to work for". Google ranked 4th on the list. So are you happy working in MS? Want to share any experiences on what makes it so great?



  • glut with Windows 7

    1wretch said:

    I too am trying to get OpenGL, GLUT to work on my new Vista laptop.  I have a program which used to compile and run fine on my XP machine VC++ express, exact same code when I put into a VC++ express new console program empty project on my Vista laptop I can get it to compile by specifying appropriate local folders for VC++ to find glut.h and glut.lib.  But even when I put glut32.dll into either project directory or .../Windows/System32 and try to run my app, I get "glut32.dll" not found.  I am about to install Windows 7 on my laptop and expect the same problems.


    How do I reinstall OpenGL and/or GLUT on my Vista laptop (so far I just copied over the stuff from my XP machine


    What do I need to specify in VC++ (Vista) to compile link and run correctly?


    Will I need to make any changes when migrating from Vista to Windows 7


    Any help you could give would be immensely appreciated


    Rich Parker

    Long Beach

     The way I resolved the problem was by building GLUT in my machine and using the resulting glut32.dll instead of using the one provided. The one provided did not work for me. Instead of downloading a pre-compiled version of glut, get the source, build it, and use the resulting dll and it should work.