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  • Piero Sierra (and others) - Microsoft Max

    littleguru wrote:

    Why does Max not work on a non-english version of Windows?? I can't understand that. I mean Max is in english and Windows in another language. Who cares?!

    Could somebody of the team, please remove that nasty messagebox and let me install the enligsh version of Max on an non-english Windows version.

    i'm strongly agree...just less people are willing to install a seperat system just for playin around with new beta-tools?! :O

    whats the dealio about this language-restrictions...if you wanna tryin 2 find a wide group of using your products to establish them in the market you should think about it...even internet-related tools with share-functions, often used worldwide

    nevertheless i think MAX is a pretty good program based on some good ideas...Big Smile thats what i think after watching this short movie...but unfortunatly without tryin by myself Sad