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  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    What about the OTHER big question Mithun? Tongue Out
    Any plans for other languages. Meaning other than the first 5 languages.
    Any plans to have Dutch, Italian, Sweedish, French (France), ...etc.

    Keep it up.
  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    Nice video!  Cool

    I'd like to know what are the languages that are in the pipeline. In the video something has been said about new languages to be added later as well as a methodology to add more languages by third parties.
    Could you please let us know what are these new languages and when will they be available.
    In our company, management seems to have chosen Nuance and Some O.S VXML browser. The main reason we have not opted for Microsoft S.S is the lack of supported languages. It is crucial for us to support as many european languages as possible (and even more languages like Chinese and Arabic...).

    Please, help me make a point for M.S.S!
    Support more languages an provide some time-frame, roadmap, ...[A]

    Thank you in advance.

    Keep it up.