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  • Vista Audio Stack and API

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    is there an ability in vista to set on which speaker you hear an application? for example i want the media player on the 2 front speakers and the game on the 2 back speakers? if it's possible, is there also a possibility to set the volume for each application on a per speaker base?

    Close.   You can't do that, but you CAN differentiate which device gets which audio output.  So while you can't split audio to different channels on a single adapter, if you have a set of USB headphones and a 5.1 surround system, you could redirect the output of your IM application to the USB headphones and the media player to the 5.1 system.

    Doing this requires some cooperation from the application unfortunately - it doesn't come for free.  Applications that use the existing APIs to find out the preferred voice communications device will work correctly, but apps that just look for the default won't

    Alwyn: I have searched high and low on the internet for an answer, and nobody can help me. Finally I found a group of people with knowlege on this subject! My need is similar to Rinsers. However, I only want to differentiate between Audio and Voice playback.

    I have a set of external speakers, and an USB headset (LifeChat lx-300). I play with Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) a lot. What I want is to send the engine sound (audio) to the external speakers, and the Air Traffic Control voice to the headset. You could set it up like that in XP, but not in Vista. Any ideas?