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  • Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control - CTP Release

    I must admit it's great to see this thing nearing release. The Javascript version has been painful at times. All my own fault I'm sure. Smiley

    Anyhoo, in order to evaluate this I spent the day porting some code from Javascript and I've come across a bug. The Shape.ID never gets a value in my tests. I've reported it on Connect and I figured I'd mention it here in case anyone was tempted to do the same but that this issue might be a deal breaker for them.

    Hope to see it released soon.
  • Microsoft at Elwoh

    Sorry for being pedantic but Python a legacy language, where'd you get that idea from?

    Apart from that nice work.
  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Wow, now that is cool. It makes a mockery of all the previous Avalon demo apps. Pure .net, pure vector UI, exactly the kind of app I envisioned when I first heard of Avalon and at the same time exactly the kind of app I hoped would be in place to help design them.

    I'll definately point some of my designer friends towards this video, They're sure to be impressed. I'll also tell them not to laugh at Manuel's skillz. Wink

    So many questions, do the sparkle team have a blog?
  • Anil Dhawan - Look at Bluetooth programming on Windows Mobile

    Sorry Peter, the fault lies with me. I am aware that ObjectPush is OBEX but what I meant was browsing of other devices so that transfers can be initiateed at the recievers end ie. OBEX FTP. I just have a project that I worked on using Widcomm's stack utilizing this feature but I'd like to port it over to managed code. From what you've said I assume this isn't possible yet. Any idea if the stack will be extended to facilitate this?
  • Anil Dhawan - Look at Bluetooth programming on Windows Mobile

    Thanks for the info Peter. Any idea if and when the Microsoft stack will support OBEX?
  • Anil Dhawan - Look at Bluetooth programming on Windows Mobile

    Great video, just a couple of questions though.

    First, is there many Pocket PC devices in the wild that use Microsoft's bluetooth stack? Last time I checked most devices used Widcomm's software as yours was unfinished.

    Second, how do the two compare on the desktop and devices? Is there anwhere I can see a comparison of supported profiles or can you just tell me?

    I would love to develop using Microsoft's stack as Widcomm's locked me into eVC++ and was damn expensive. And don't get me started on the documentation.