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andokai andokai
  • NOKIA Lumia 800 & 710

    Wait so people are giving out because Nokia is not releasing a LTE phone in a market that has no LTE network?

    The no front-facing camera argument is valid but I've never used mine. The only camera I've used for video call is the rear one to show people things. If that was possible with Skype on WP7 then I'd be happy enough.

    In any case the differentiator of this phone isn't the specs or the price, it's the design, and I think Nokia have done a great job there.

    I don't think there's any phone that's as well designed as the 800. The iPhone is style over substance. A fragile glass back and a dodgy antenna. The 800 is supposed to have a superb antenna and the polycarbonate is very robust and it looks extermely stylish too.

    The one thing I am disappointed about is the haptic buttons. They'll get all sorts of accidental presses.

    I can't see any mention either as to whether this will be one of the phones that supports tethering.

  • Get an iPad?

    I have both a Kindle and an iPad 2 and if it's novels you want to read then the kindle wins hands down. It's smaller, lighter, less delicate, the battery lasts for a month with wireless off, and the free worldwide 3G is handy if you're stuck in a foreign location and want to check our email. However if you want to be reading programming books and the like then the iPad is a better option. Neither mobi files or ePub files can handle complex layouts so for these kinds of books PDFs are still the best. Consequently getting a 10" tablet is your best bet. I guess alternatively you could get the kindle DX but that's almost as expensive as an iPad.

  • TV Series Thread

    Breaking Bad is the best show on television. Other good shows include Californication, Weeds, The Walking Dead and Mad Men. I also enjoyed the short lived Rubicon but apparently America didn't.

  • Good Rss app for wp7

    The best RSS reader I've come across is Wonder Reader. It synchs with Google Reader and the trial version is fully functional, the only difference is that it occasionally forgets your login.

  • IE9 Beta

    NitzWalsh said:
    PerfectPhase said:

    Ugh - hate the address bar on the left.  Two issues with it:


    1) Reduces tab space.  This will really suck on netbooks.

    2) I frequently re-use open tabs by selecting the tab, then quickly mousing down and clicking to highlight the address bar, then using autocomplete in chrome to resolve the link.  With IE9, now I'm moving the mouse all the way back to the left address bar, there's a lot of wasted movement.


    Speaking of wasted, all that vertical space.  Really, what is being saved here in terms of real estate with this decision?  It didn't make any sense in the leaked screenshot, and it makes less sense in actual use.  The advantage of Chrome when maximized is even more pronounced, there's no possibly to overshoot your tab vertically, as they're all on the top.  Getting used to that then going back to other browsers is a little obnoxious.


    Another potential drawback - DirectWrite rendering.  Geez, with certain fonts on some sites it just looks...odd - like it's trying to be more typographically "correct" like MacOSX but just looks like a grayer version of Cleartype with its sometimes more defined, but more "computerized" look of fonts.  It can look better in spots (particularly for medium-sized fonts where Cleartype would not seem to anti-alias them at all), but it's really hit or miss.   Here are some comparisons (embedded images don't work here like 99% of other web forums):








    IE9 Default

    On the plus size, very, very speedy.  Opening tabs now has no hesitation, sites pop up, scrolling is extremely smooth (Chrome really needs to get with the program here).  Really can't seem to bog it down.  Download manager -yes, yes, yes.


    Very preliminary results so far obviously, but I can't say I'll navigate away from Chrome at this point.  Chrome still has the superior interface IMO, and while I really like the smooth scrolling, by the time Chrome7 hits they may just have that as well.



    2) I frequently re-use open tabs by selecting the tab, then quickly mousing down and clicking to highlight the address bar, then using autocomplete in chrome to resolve the link.  With IE9, now I'm moving the mouse all the way back to the left address bar, there's a lot of wasted movement.


    CTRL+L Sets focus to the address bar. That should save you some movement.

  • What's going on with Media Center?

    You may have changed your region which dictates what shows up in there.

  • Let's resize the Windows 7 Start Menu

    kettch said:
    AndyC said:

    I just wish that switching the taskbar to small icons actually got you more room than it does.

    I agree and the fact that the notification badges don't work with the small icons too is a strange decision.

  • Ok , Windows Live Essential : Wave 4, Microsoft is ready TODAY!!!

    Has anyone been able to chat to Facebook friends on it or even see their status?


    I can only send the Facebook equivalent to email and the status only changes if I have the same contact in Messenger and they are signed into it.


    Anyone had a different experience?


    As for what I think of the whole thing. The fonts in the Social part of Messenger are too large and render poorly. It would be nice to have a choice to change the font sizes, or even the font.


    Also disappointing is that Photo Gallery still does not support the raw photos my Sony DSLR takes. It keeps telling me to download a driver that I have already installed. The driver works for Windows itself but not for Photo Library. Perhaps it's not their fault but I imagine it's in their interests to be compatible with all the major raw formats.


    Actually does anyone know the correct channel to send feedback for this Beta?

  • Action Pack Development & Design, light on Design

    rhm said:
    turrican said:

    I could understand why the don't sell Blend on its own if all editions of Expression Studio included it, but why would you want Expression Studio without Blend - there are better alternatives to everything else in Expression Studio except Blend.


    This is the thing. I would've thought that they would want to get Blend into as many hands as possible too, in order to convince people they need it. As it is, at least my organisation, it is considered it a luxury we are unwilling to pay for.

  • Looking for your Questions for the Developers behind Project Natal

    Will Natal be limited to games or will we be able to "Minority Report" the dashboard?