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  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 - Questions and Answers

    Related to the touch question:

    It's very difficult to navigate the Print, File, Zoom and Safety menus in IE9. At least for me the menu items are too small, even if they get enlarged for touch optimization. I'd prefer icons and in total a Ribbon-like (maybe optional) menu.

    For the page view: It's not as smooth to zoom in as it is like in Safari where zooming is a smooth animation.

  • Ping 68: Streetslide, Hohm, Student Partners, Kinect & ​Farmaritavi​lle

    I really like Streetside and hope it will be published for tablet pcs. Using a mobilephone offers amazing possibilities too. I just imagine holding up my camera-enabled phone, take a picture of the streetside and bing maps will tell me which direction to go.


    At this point: A very big thank you to Laura, Immo and all other persons involved Smiley


    Greetings from Germany, Munich,

    Andreas Balzer <-- happy to answer questions to the Student Partners Program in this thread and via email

  • An Introduction to Windows Live Sync and How to Migrate from Live Mesh

    RFC1: Get rid of the sys tray icon

    RFC2: Integrate command to sync a folder into Windows Explorer (add a menu titled "Sync" > "Sync to a device", > "show status")

    RFC3: Integrate Sync into Windows Sync Center (control panel)

    RFC4: Add a link to Sync interface to Network and Sharing Center

    RFC5: Add computers that are synced into the network map of the Network and Sharing Center

    RFC6: Add Sync warnings into Windows Action Center

    feature request: Propagate warnings to Windows Home Server Connector

    feature request: Add XBox syncing

    feature request: give credit where credit is due.. Your "About Windows Live Sync Beta" window isn't telling very much Wink

  • An Introduction to Windows Live Sync and How to Migrate from Live Mesh


    I have a use case that probably is not possible or involves tons of command parameters.. It would be nice to get this solved somehow Smiley


    There are 4 computers in my dorm, another 4 at my parents home. At my side there is a desktop (1,5TB disk capacity), 1 tablet to work with (400GB), 1 tablet to present (120GB), 1 Windows Home Server (3TB). Over at the house of my parents there are about additonal 3TB of disk space splitted across the machines.


    Now I'd like to do the following:

    Go through all files/subdirs in certain folders (My documents, My Pictures, ...)

    If a file is less than 3 months old it should be synchronized between the computers.

    + If it is a docx or pptx it should be uploaded to SyncDrive.

    + If it gets updated on two computers at the same time w/o sync I want to merge them if possible

    If a file is older then 3 months it should be moved to my Windows Home Server (running Vail)

    + If a file on WHS gets edited it should be resynced to all computers for 3 months


    Any possibility to get this done? Smiley


    Another use case (that you probably won't do..) I'd like to have all files within version control (like Tortoise SVN) on my WHS.



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