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  • Nerding out with Surface Book

    Can Surface Book expose the display as say 1500*1000 to full screen games/apps? What about doing 1280*960 such that it's doubled to 2560x1920, leaving black borders & not fuzzying/stretching anything?


  • Defrag: Defrag'ing Halloween with the Surface Pro 4, 1000Mbs Fiber and more...

    "Microsoft Keyboard"

    I'd like that 3 device switch in all keyboards, especially ones that have ded. f-keys+ins/del/home/end/pgud/arrows - ok so maybe if space is super tight you can map the keys under some Fn-like key but I also use ctrl+shift+navigation keys. Pressing ctrl+shift+fn keys simultanously with one hand is a bit much to do regularly.

    I think you could do a 2 "column" navigation keys by moving ins,delete below end and pgdn, or the pgu/dn below End key, then shifting arrow keys down and left by 1 key width like some laptops do.

    Then you could maybe have like 14" laptop size keyboard with keyboard close to regular keyboard. Old 4:3 14" Thinkpads had pretty much everything right except they didn't have thin models with modern internals and top notch displays.

  • Defrag: Defrag'ing Halloween with the Surface Pro 4, 1000Mbs Fiber and more...

    re: "1000Mbs Fiber by 100Mbs Up/Download speeds"

    Ideally you'd have multiple ISP/transits and some way to select the route based on latency or actual transfer speed depending on app. I don't think this is unrealistic at home as you might have LTE+cable, or in best case you could have different cable tv provider, different eth/fiber/vdsl provider and then few different LTE providers.

    I have some experience in doing comparisons of multiple ISP transits from same physical location at the same time and the international routes they use can have worst case wildly different performance.. like 10x+ differences. So for best internet perf you really want multiple ISP's and a way to auto-select the optimal route... Though since I mostly view youtube stuff, what really matters is having ISP that has youtube etc caches through local peering nearby - the more distance/hops/intermediaries there are, the more likely there's some bottleneck now and then - I almost yearly end up mailing NOC's to check their routes when there's some sort of issue.



  • Defrag: Defrag'ing Halloween with the Surface Pro 4, 1000Mbs Fiber and more...

    @Rukur: I saw a review where it is side by side with MBP 15". It's same size as MBP 15" but not as wide. (dimensions are slightly bigger than A4 paper).

    The 3000x2000 idea is really about running it at 200% (1500x1000). However this result in DPI that is not multiple of integer 96. So I'm not how that works out, it might still be too small text at 200% but that wasn't really (my) intention - text should be readable at 200%. I'm not privy to what considerations went into the 3000x2000 - (x2048 would have seemed more legacy compatible but maybe it made the text too small at 200%?)

    I think a future revision of this might be as follows: larger tablet display with slow cpu and no cooling and less battery. Then laptop-level Iris Pro cpu in the keyboard and no discrete CPU.

    This gets you even larger yet lighter tablet and ability to opt for performance or battery life in the keyboard. (And you can purchase external batteries if you get power thru type-c usb)



    AR calculator says phys dimensions of SP4 is 3:2 and Surface Book is 4:3, though the display is 3:2 - kinda interesting, I have to really see it in person to say if the display is ideal size,resolution,dpi to make any judgements.

  • Time-Travel Debugging for JavaScript/HTML Applications

    @paul: And what's the issue with using "report website problems" now that such is available in IE (OK I think I know the answer: bunch of internal/secure sites are not working anymore or sending stuff is prohibited/white lists etc)

  • Assessing the Top 5 Cloud Security Threats with Mark Russinovich

    @Gilbert Baron: It could be argued that  if it's the government you're worried about, then you should implement as much of the encryption/protection etc as possible yourself because the company you're relying on to do it for you could be compelled to backdoor the OS/mitm network/change environment etc by the government. If the stuff was implemented inside your app, they'd have to hack the app itself and if you have top notch intrusion detection, that could be hard. So half of any security system is really about detecting attacks and layering the encryptions so that compromise of first layer doesn't allow getting to the 2nd layer.

  • CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub

    It turned out that cmake -G generates some sort of incompatible compiler flags so I had to kill VS after 10000+ errors...


  • CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub

    edit: I got an error with cmake -G "Visual Studio 12" to make the solution files but turns out I had to run it from the VS dev prompt as VS environment stuff was needed.

    One thing I'd be interested in seeing is a patch for checking what sort of perf Intel ADX extensions have. They should be available in some laptops shipping with Broadwell.

    Another thing I'd like to see is some sort of faster decimal, where "some sort of" is defined as, whatever that's faster than decimal without drawbacks of using double or needing some sort of library that converts things to (u)longs and so forth.

  • Defrag Tools #118 - PerfView Part 6

    In Windows 7, stopping the tracing in many if not all ETW based tools caused HDD's to spin up. Is this still the case with Win 10?

    I used to like process monitor back when it didn't use ETW. Now it's a tool of last resort as it's so heavy - huge activity when you start it and then spins up the disks when you end it.

    I'd find out myself* but the Start Menu in 10 previews so far is not back to 7's usability so at this point I don't see much reason to upgrade because it's not much of an upgrade if you take a hit in usability of the most used Windows feature. Another concern is the "free edition" - well lets just hope there's a "good value" edition as well, just with less legal copy and without the features intended to make the free edition somehow profitable.


    * I have 10 in VM but the spin up problem does not occur in VM and you need a bunch of 3.5" hdd's to really notice it.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4

    I don't like those (just like in task manager in W8.1) CPU % usage graphs which can't show the usage of the most utilized core invidually - eg. if a single physical core was maxed out. If you have % across all cores/cpu's then you have no idea if 50% means 25+25 (dual proc e8400 half loaded) or 100%.


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