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  • Sara Williams - Demo of new MSDN Product Feedback Center

    Somehow I have a feeling this feedback center may have trouble scaling up and stay useful if there is going to be a lot of people using it.

    Some ideas which could be used in future bug feedback.

    Have the client run a some "watcher" app which records changes to memory state and can playback visually the session of (using VS express for example). Then when something (bug) occurs, you just press some key, it takes a screenshot, shows a list of bugs reported which had same actions occuring before the bug occured - if its a new bug, it asks details etc and then sends the memory/action trace and screenshot with your report.. Like taking Watson to the 2nd level. Oh well, I guess this might make the non-dual/HT machines crawl.. Pity AMD 64/Athlon users.

  • Robert Williams - How does the Tablet PC team come up with new features?

    I agree with zippy. I'd also add that these 40 second type clips can be dull and do not have time to pick up the interviewees passion/interest in the subject, it easily comes out as short dull clip which feel  like reading marketing brochure.. Sorry! 

    4-10 minutes per clip where there's not just a monologue but actual conversation and some background details of the stuff being talked about would make these more interesting.

    A possible arrangement would be to organize the videos by person/team instead of subject. Then when you've watched a whole interview, there would be the different subjects talked listed under the particular interview node.

    Something like:

    + Tablet PC Team / Robert Williams (Watch the whole interview)

    -+ Subject 1 talked during the interview
    --+ Reply 1
    --+ Reply 2

    -+ Subject 2 talked during the interview
    --+ Reply 1
    --+ Reply 2

    Also the videos could be segmented so that if someone does not care to watch the person introduce himself / talk background / history stuff, one could skip those segments..

    Of course I see that this would require lot of coding, but hey, you have .NET - it's a days job!

    Edit: With the subjects etc separated in the DB, you could of course search and sort by subjects too. Clickin on the subject would load the whole interview but automatically seek to the particular point in the video. Cool? Smiley
  • Rebecca Norlander - why is XPSP2 so big?

    Provided with a approach similar to Blizzard used, where the torrent client and seed would be provided directly by MS, only potential attack would be one that breaks into the MS server.

    I also question the rationale of serving something that quickly gets old on a CD. Would they send CDRW's over mail (for incrementally adding future updates to), one could then ask about security..

  • “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Microsoft” Eric Rudder picks up Lenn

    Prolly some sort of backtrailer cover, then at one point there's the trailer with the cover on.
  • Peter Loforte - The Tablet PC has changed my life (in bed)

    Edit: As I've ignored tablet pc concept before, I'm still learning what it exactly is. So removed some nonsense.

    Is it possible to use the tablet pc display only with a pen, in such way that the keyboard part of the tablet pc could be used by another person with a external display? The person with the portable display part could then make overlay markings that would come also visible to the external display? So two users on the same desktop, both having their own "mouse pointer". I'm sure someone can come up with uses for such arrangement lol.

    Other possibility is of course to have two tablet pc's and use remote desktop wirelessly. I just hate how they tend to mess your own mouse pointer instead of having separate ones.
  • Michael Tsang - How does Tablet PC's digitizer work?

    Is there any buttons in the pen, if not, is it possible to incorporate a "button" into a passive pen (no battery etc)? How's single click separated from double click and what about right clicks on the mouse, you have to push the pen twice against the screen or what? I'd imagine the pen could have a area which is pressure sensitive, functioning as a button.
  • Bill Hill - Do you think anyone is going to read a book on the screen?

    Edit: Nevermind! I retract my silly comment.
  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?

    Sorry for getting a bit offtopic. I have found that as i prefer to use English Windows, but have my localization etc settings non-english, some places (Office update for example) offer me the non-english file versions of patches for english version of Office. I haven't noticed any big problems caused by this, but for example if I go DxDiag there is two language versions of the Dx files and I don't have idea where the non-english even came from.

    Edit: I know you can setup IE to make websites prefer English content, but I want websites to prefer my native content, but software updates to be English. There's a problem for you (me)..

    Edit2: Joe Average: If you really want multilang websites to be English go to IE/Tools/Options/General/Languages, add English and move it to the top.
  • Sara Ford - ​Accessibili​ty and Visual Studio

    I'd rather have a sharp fullscreen screenshot as link on the forum here instead of zooming the video into screen. You can see the latter in .NET Show and the video zooming isn't enjoyable. In theory you could incorporate sharp desktop recording into the talks using some desktop capturing program but editing those together would be waste of time and so on.
  • Scott Swanson - How do you get updates out to help users?

    If you want to get "fancy" you could make the content system to look the "diffs" of the help content between the version user has now installed and the one he is about to upgrade to (instead of first requiring uninstall of the previous content). Then the content install/update program would either create new files/file that contains the differences or re-render the new content with some Diff tag so that the help system could highlight the changes between new and previously installed content if user so wanted.

    What good that would be ? Well it could be even bad, if the customer would notice there hasn't been changes to things he uses he could think that the update is not worth the time in future. Okay so this was a pretty stupid idea indeed, sorry for wasting your time.
  • Chris Sells - What's the most suprising thing you've learned since coming to Microsoft?

    If my impression from this and other sources is correct, a huge percentage of the developers time is spent in various meetings. Has there been any studies how this kind of development/work environment could relate to quality of design/pace of bugs coming in etc and performance of the team compared to more traditional approaches for example? I guess measuring that could be a bit challenging. But the coders own feelings of how productive / creative they are and how stressed could have something to tell.
  • Dare Obasanjo - Where is Microsoft going with ​RSS/syndica​tion?

    Regarding SharpReader memory usage.

    Using the task manager memory usage column to do a rough measure was a futile attempt. Now i looked the amount of physical memory available before and after loading SharpReader. It seems it takes some 50 MB on my case. Memory usage column shows the working set, which can vary from over 100 MB to < 2 MB (minimized).