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  • Modern keyboard materials & IE11 content ~leaks~

    For balance, here's a complaint of Apple keyboard outgassing. Customer replaced the keyboard at the store.. and the new keyboard outgasses even more strongly, obviously.


    Now the real question is, what strategy is most effective in stopping this. Probably most broad and effective solution is to not ban any "substance" like currently has been done, but instead widen the current CE spot-checking system to also have a RoHS compliancy check through spot testing of synthetic materials in consumer products while adding an alphanumeric code that allows the consumer to pull out the material safety datasheet that indicates expected outgassed substances and their levels.  The reason for the alphanumeric code instead of say QR-code is that the code must be also be put into small products like cables and any synthetic material.

    Then simply, if the code in the material upon spot check does not track back to test performed on that product through matching the outgassing composition signature in later spot check, it can be assumed to be fake product (eg. cable vendor 2 using code of cable vendor 1 without paying for the testing). Then also each government will add some spending to perform spot tests on products, a simple job that can be done by those who can't find job otherwise.  If a product is found to fail test then the product is considered hazardous waste material and the companies involved in production of such share the disposal fees - provided they can be tracked down of course if the product is still made available on the market. (You probably need some sort of toxic waste burner with plasma gasification so there is some logistic cost to ship the waste to such rare facilities globally).


  • Modern keyboard materials & IE11 content ~leaks~

    ~leaks~ because it may not be a security leak but some sort of leak where things running in previous page keep running in the next while flipping through with mouse Back & Forward buttons. I thought it was Flash previously but now Youtube uses HTML5 player and the music from previous page can randomly (something like 1 in ~500? youtube views) keep playing when flipping between pages with mouse back & forward in youtube. Memory usage of the youtube instance up to 400 MB.


    This bug probably explains why most of the Microsoft mouses sold in the local brick & mortar don't have back or forward buttons. (just imagine if all the money going into those useless 'decor' mouses went to a single mouse/keyboard model that does not outgas at ALL, is inert to finger oils and has calculator and media buttons & regular AT navigation layout - I don't think anyone has made such yet as most keyboards have plastic and rubber somewhere*  - and don't forget the cables, I don't want a wireless kbd/mouse.. those sleeves need to be non-outgassing as well)


    Found this interesting attempt at replacing the plastic keycaps with porcelain. I'm not sure it's ideal material though but atleast shoudn't outgas. (with some of the wooden keyboards you have an issue of chemicals like formaldehyde used in wood processing to get rid of bugs)


    Here's list of synthetic materials that might need more contact study by someone who is known to be sensitive or allergic to chemicals like those in plastic. (Because their allergy is contact based, it appears the outgassing is not the sole issue with plastic keyboards, I have friend that gets mild issues from his mouse (also by MS) but I don't notice this contact issue except with extensive handling of cables as they tend to leach more chemicals).



    Now it's possible there already is some company who has looked into such issues in their products but lets face it, these H&S issues need to be addressed in those products most readily available to consumers in brick & mortar. (well, atleast having ONE such product widely available as a choice would be nice, as long as it has the standard layout + media+ calc keys - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_PC_keyboard#/media/File:Cherry_keyboard_105_keys.jpg < standard layout to me)

  • New strategy for building excitement?

    I went back and tried to download the basic version and it worked. Maybe it was a problem with the advanced editions download.

  • New strategy for building excitement?


    "Validating your request. This may take several minutes..."

    Or perhaps the strategy here is that, if you can't handle a bit of unknown wait time, then you probably can't handle all the bugs in this build either. Probably true. But I just want the latest build to ensure that if certain bug is present then I can atleast say I was using latest build...

    5 minutes gone now, I'll get back to you if I catch when it finishes.


    ... and 25 minutes gone. C# + WCF running on 8008 over Mono & Linux while throwing a lot of exceptions in a loop would explain this.



  • sup?

    But those reviews were about the support not handling things nicely. I saw about 10 similar reviews. It only took 3 reviews for me to spot a pattern (compared to other reviews of similar product) that certain HDD model was failing abnormally. Now years later there's a class action suit about it vs Seagate. So the 10 reviews is a 'bit' of a red flag of something not handled well.

    Yeah I ended up buying 2 of those suspect Seagate 3TB models and yeah soon one did fail (that's why I got 2, immediately in mirror). Yeah there were some WD models slightly higher price but my previous experience was just WD's failing at later date. Trying to stick to 3+ yr warranty models.

  • Does MS test their electronics for off-gassing?



    Heard of this study... tl;dr poor air quality makes you dumb. Not a big surprise, the big question is, really how much fresh air is being replaced by all the chinese plastic gassing. I bet some of the worst items replace a lot of air. There needs to be office equipment outgassing tests ... just like spot tests for electrical compliance from off the shelf picked retail stuff.

  • sup?

    Anyone following the Amazon Surface Book reviews? Seems like a whole bunch of the negative reviews have to do with issues in after sales customer care handling?

    That stuff is a bit of case by case deal but many reviews note "review moderation" and inability of replace to new or lack of advice on what to do if one wants new instead of return. I just note this as I think I've seen this same complaint over 10 times now between Amazon and MS store and no response. Some bean counter is not calculating how much it costs when potential buyers see these reviews.


    I saw some reviews that they were adviced to get refund then buy again instead of going through support, but imo that's not the most obvious route to some buyers who are faced with some issue that might be a defect but you are not sure so you go first to support instead of for refund and then support says their policy is not to replace with new device and then you have unhappy customer.


    eg. My latest PC build had a ton of issues and I didn't report any as they were such that just explaining all the issues and the configuration etc would take DAYS and some of them might have been issues in my configuration (5 combo-box settings for USB!). One issue was case internal paint affecting PSU case/shield grounding - the intermittent contact caused disconnections in the ground paths and so the ground level changed because part of the case was floating and other part was mains ground level, other worry was the mainboard tray& mb flex - if you accidentally flex it during install you then won't know if that might've caused some mysterious issues or not. (turns out it was the grounding deal -- had to re-screw all the screws multiple times to expose more of the metal for the ground contact).

     And yeah I had to diagnose this latest PC build with.. a multi-meter. So I know it was that issue but it took days to come to realize that issue!

  • on VC-2015(​Community) & Simulation Hypothesis

    I can't tell if this is translated or what.

    Google's Japanese to english translation algo needs a LOT of work in particular. I'd like to understand what Japanese say but those translation tools come up with as weird stuff as you can find in japanese entertainment.

    Here are some comments I got @ tube. The translations don't make ANY SENSE!

    どこが虹色の戦争なの 似てねーじゃん
     質問です。 「きょうばみ」とは何ですか。 感想は、楽しそうです。 カラフルライトと電子音で楽しく成るのですね。 人間は単純な部分も有ると思います。 どうすれば楽しく成るかに付(つ)いては基本を踏まえれば演出可能なのだと思いました。
    Some stuff translated possibly from jap to english: I can understand what is said, barely.
    As make so to SoundCanvas VA making auto reset mode after stop play MIDI file , before next play MIDI file ?
    This problem Is it possible decide to automaticable in host application or VST Plugin ?
    As create resetable ?
  • Should Microsoft invite this guy to their next language conference?

    Really nice talk about managing without burning out through a very long project (years) and staying creative as designer.



    People only know Braid and The Witness but from some of the reviews and comments I found on the earlier games he mentions and it sounds the players really loved them but the gfx are 1995'ish 3D and they were online games - so things like Quake/Battlefield obviously got the  most attention. First I ever heard of those games he mentions.

    He mentions that Witness started 7 years ago with one other person in for 6 years and most others in for 4 years.

  • Really??? IE crashes on MSN linked websites?

    I have a different problem. I've complained before about IE memory use going up (possibly some common JS script is doing something repeatedly that causes it) but now there is that + another issue with similar effect so there is now a need to close the browser more frequently:

    When using Win7 64 bit + IE11 + Flash (latest) to browse youtube extended amounts of time in the same browser process instance, eventually Flash starts leaving instances of itself somehow running behind.

    The 'symptom' is that audio (youtube using Flash) will keep playing from the previous page you were in (once it happens, it keeps playing until browser is closed). Even going outside youtube, audio from youtube will keep playing. I may have youtube temporarily open in multiple tabs as well, I don't know if that may 'trigger' the issue, either way IE memory consumption skyrockets quickly (~600+ MB/IE process) once this happens and I notice it by the browser getting very slow as memory runs out etc.