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  • SpamSpamSpam

    Simple spam filter idea:

    if (customentropy / #links*10 > (typical result for some that length post))  if (more than 1 such post in a hour) then hide all low entropy posts if viewed outside the low entropy posters AS# (https://github.com/psvz/tirexASN log IP to ASN).

    This way to keep lot of spam threads visible they'd have to post from many many different AS sources.

    Resulting entropy values:

    • 7: "Hi there!"
    • 10: "Hi there, bob!"
    • -4: "ababababababababababababab"
    • 25: "We're calculating entropy of a string ..."


    (algo from the 6 upvote "just whipped this algorithm together, so I have no idea how good this is. I fear that it will cause an overflow exception if used on very long strings.")


    edit Couple fixes ... & link determination

    The message entropy should be calculated using set of words from prior accepted posts  + dictionary of the language spoken on the forum. So it recognizes wrong language use as possible spam. Then for links you should look for valid TLD's in the post and count them as valid links with rule to except common phrases that contain valid TLD's (like " is " would not count as link but " de " would).

    The entropy/links ratio should meet some threshold (stats needed) depending on the post lenght. So that the less text and more links increases the possibility of the post getting hidden if several such low entropy posts are made in that ~1 hour or whatever.


  • Will Apple's next smartphone have LIBS?


    I think this tech could be used to analyze VOC's in smartphone size. Of course it would probably detect some plastic outgassing products from the phone itself so you'd have to deal with that 'ambient problem'.




    Green Office Environments Linked with Higher Cognitive Function

    On average, cognitive scores were 61 percent higher on the days participants experienced green conditions with low VOC concentrations and 101 percent higher on the days they experienced green conditions with enhanced ventilation compared to the conventional building day


    Phthalate Exposure Linked to Lower IQ



    DEHP Replacements may also cause Health Problems

  • Nasty Microsoft

    It's hard to say much about the user-hostile approach you mentioned. It's could be just what it is or part of some plan - like the 'good ole plan' where users update the OS, then the new os lags enough to get people want to update computer. But with OS maturing and CPU perf plateauing, maybe the 'captains of the industry' figured to play things safe by forcing people into os that updates all the time and then if there's later need to get people to update to some entirely new OS and hardware platform, just by moving the "a team" work all on the new thing, it's possible things like updates have adverse effect on the old thing and then people will want to update. Sleazy transition tactic or just a side effect from "a team" working on some new things. This just came to mind when I saw that Dave Cutler video hyping something else than Windows.



  • VS2015: Writing comments into code while debugger is running?

    @figuerres: I would like to see first that you can actually get the VS editor active during debug and intercept it when trying to write stuff. This might not be supported right now, so what appears 'simple' could be either complex or involve hacking the internals.

    It's a bit like if you knew how to write say wav playing code. Many people can do that. But how many people know how to put that code into a directshow codec? Tiny percentage - though now there's many open source projects so that problem is 'solved'. Learning to do that from scratch is serious time investment if no one has done it before and it may turn out not to be possible without writing your own VS shell.

    Remember, this feature I talked about could be implemented without the compiler entirely. (adding regular comments during debugging). The "next step" would be to have code in the comments and "3rd step" is also pushing the commented code through edit & continue.

    None of that is specific to Roslyn and could be implemented across all supported languages.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    I don't know much about all the kind of "suck" in win10 as I didn't get beyond the start menu. I mean, why look further if the thing you start with is messed up?

    eg. press start, down arrow and you should land to user-specified-order-pinned-items immediately. In 10 it gets to account name and then to random-order-items. How does that make sense? a: it doesn't.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    Maybe the people would be more accepting of the W10 if the start menu worked more like it used to in 7 (cursor key nav to fixed order pinned items). I explained this to MS retail store salesguy and he just kept nodding. He maybe got a little embarrassed when I got into some more obscure issues. (Like, why does SP4 does not support n-key rollover, it's not like you are manually hand wiring and soldering each key..)

    I have a document of about 500 lines, each line has a change that needs to be made to configure the OS into usable "2003-like xperience". ... Okay well actually maybe only 1/4 of it is about windows/shell, rest are more like dependencies, things like asio4all, symbol paths etc.



  • VS2015: Writing comments into code while debugger is running?


    - this type of project likely involves quite bit of research into what boilerplate to write and writing a lot of boilerplate before you can run/debug anything. I wouldn't be talking about this type of feature if I was the kind of person who is ok with coding without being able to run/debug almost every change.

    For me to even consider trying to write such "add-in" I'd need to start with a VM snapshot that has VS1 debugging another VS2 that's debugging a test project, such that when / is pressed in VS2, it breaks to VS1 and I can add the code in VS1 to handle what VS2 should be doing once / is pressed.  (now perhaps I'm complicating this up, like maybe you could do large part of this with a "mock" that imitates the VS2 running/debugging the test project, but now you'd have to figure out how to write such mock in the first place, could be easy or very complex)

    Let me guess that setting up that is either impossible or takes weeks-months if you don't know what you are doing. That's probably why it's not been done before.


  • Lumia Phone Firesale?

    Anyone wanna buy Lumia 1020 stuck in "Saving..." and getting quite warm quickly after pressing the camera button to take a photo? Holding down any of the buttons doesn't do anything, nor does plugging in the usb cable.


    (not sure if it matters but I got into the camera without entering the sim pin I think)

    edit: pressing vol.dn+power+camera to reset worked. I read that x86 processors have code to auto reset the proc or something if it gets stuck because they couldn't be sure the proc wouldn't get stuck. idk if that was posted here recently or where I saw this. (though saving the stack or something somewhere prior to that would be nice if possible - eg perhaps if I plug in usb cable when stuck it would have presented as read only in-memory mass storage with a dump file?)


  • Iphone SE .. kinda what I want but Apple's cameras suck

    Photo to explain the problem. Finding a bigger holder or same size phone would be what I'm looking for...

    backpack phone holder and samsung gio


    btw. while this backpack has bottle/umbrella holders, pen holders, laptop compartment + 7 other internal compartments, the downside is that all that weighs 1 KG when it's empty! I really just want to carry 1) phone+camera 100g 2) computer ~1kg 3) drink and keep the whole set as light as possible.

  • Iphone SE .. kinda what I want but Apple's cameras suck

    Aaand before someone says "USE RAW" ... Yes that MAY be a solution to the image quality problem of the Iphone SE (harder to verify without owning it). Question is though, is there a reason the jpg have to look like digitally processed crap? (OK yeah, JPEG colors always look crap but atleast the details don't have to!)