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  • Looking at XNA - Part Two

    Nice, looking forward to it! You've sold me on a 360 with this demo.
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Lab

    I've programmed for soccer playing robots before. For one of my course projects back at university, I wrote a reinforcement learning ai that actually managed to learn how to play a decent game of soccer. Though the one's that I worked with, are these little round circular things, (video's also from Carnegie Mellon, though I didn't go there myself)
  • Mike Burrows - PIX, graphics performance analysis

    Manip wrote:
    Sounds like a golden gift to any multiplayer game cheats... A built in graphics hack build right into Windows for them.

    Umm, there's absolutely no way that you could directly use pix to cheat in any game.
    Plus, I believe there's something you can do to your program to prevent pix from grabbing information from it (can't remember what offhand). Though a quick test reveals that it does work with half life 2, profiled the main menu successfully. Though grabbing 293 frames of that simple scene took 165 mb.

    That all said, pix is an amazing tool! I've used it several times to find performance problems in my own graphics engine and fixed them as a result. Big Smile