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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    I'm horrified with the current html5/javascript propaganda

    when i see how *HORRIBLE* is currently supported html4.0 and CSS 1/2  and you guys try to sell me a bright future with html5 and CSS xXx + horribad javascript i dont buy it !

    you just have to open any  HTML file for understand how HORRIBLE it can be mixing content and code in the most attrocious way ever. i dont even talk about the total no man's land  of good working tool.  we dont even have a working intellisense at the level of .NET for C++ . so i have really NO HOPE for anything like that for JS/HTML5!  for me intellisense and .NET 3.0/4.0 was the best programing experience i ever had!  i even abandonned my groovy/netbeans for switching to full time vs2010/blend4 experience i love it EVERY DAY! i even  started to praise for microsoft with love specially being a MSFT system internals certified and knowing the plateform better ( im a old linux/C coder ). 

    i love metro look frankly i dont mind if you change  the start screen. but there is ZERO HOPE *EVER* to make me switch to  Javascript/html5  because it's not working at all period. it never worked  it's sooo much full of hack its like almost impossible to have a clear view of what the f*ck you looking/debugging. bref i hope to see that stupid javascript/html5 going OPTIONAL. .NET/vs2010/blend/C#/LINQ  is like the cream of programming productivity today. since when a good product from the leader of OS have to shy away against some random stack technology? 

    and i really cant find any other language stack more unstable and lowtech then javascript and html seriously this stupid stuff cant even offer a working experience between the major browser. no way just nein nein nein !