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  • First look at 5 features of IE9 RC


    • Ability to move tabs to a dedicated row
    • Slight tweaking of the tab look
    • Speed of launching the browser
    • Speed of website loading

    Don't Likes:

    • How the Address/Search bar works
    • When I search for "ie 9 beta" for some reason I go directly to instead of seeing web search results... I don't like this at all, I want the search results.
    • Typical I want a search engine search, not a website in my history however when I start typing something to search with and it matches part of a URL I've been to, I get the page in my history instead of the web search I want. I'd like the opposite behavior, search first, but give me the option to click on a link that I've previously been to from the drop down.
    • The IE settings UI needs a COMPLETE overhaul, the whole 'Advanced' tab is very hard to work with.
    • Lack of ability to save my tabs on exit... This is a key feature in other browsers... Where is it in IE 9?
    • How tiny the font is in gmail (there was a page for this at microsoft anwsers which has now mysteriously dissapeared)
    • Lack of on the-fly-spell check (error underlining) in comment boxes like these