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Originally educated as an architect in the early 90ties I joined software industry in 1994 first using FoxPro 2.6 for Mac/Win. Later on I focused on office development. First of all Microsoft Access VBA development. Nowadays I'm coding business software based on the .NET framework using ADO.NET, C#, GDI+.


  • Extending the Office 2007 UI with a Custom Ribbon

    Hello doncho,

    thanks for this excellent show !

    in the last 2 years I did some Office XP Add-Ins with C# and SDK 1.1. I wondered that there always the missing - statement for missing params is needed Smiley

    Anyway, what is excellent of course is the visibility of an C# Com-AddIn in the Add-In dialog. That's pretty cool, because in Word XP it doesn't appear there. 

    Next I want to know why I've to compile the code only when changing entries in the XML ribbon file ? Think of generic programming where the entries came from a database based on a user role model. Or otherwise how can I change the props of the ribbon entries at runtime ?

    Thanks for your efforts !
    Munich, Germany

  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    Hi scoble !
    It's fun: I just left my company here in Germany at the same time and I also was sad because some dreams didn't come true during the time I was there. But new opportunities are still waiting - I'm sure of that.

    Microsoft as an "ecosystem" was a black box for me until I watched the first 9er video of you ! The only I knew about MS is a new administration building of MS in the north of Munich, Germany and of course a bunch of software that accompanied me since the early 90ties: FoxPro, VB,VBA, Access and now the .NET Framework with C# and that stuff. My professional existence is built on MS products and their reliabilty to my customers.

    But I never had an idea about the guys behind the scene at microsoft. So your videos are like a window in the MS world to me.

    Your videos, especially your "exit" - video, has pointed out important things to me: At first MS do have employees that stand for their dreams and there - obviously - is an open culture to communicate about pretty cool - even non MS related - ideas - like Ipods. Second from here I now can associate excellent and productive products with faces of MS devs, pm's and so on.

    The man behind the cam did express the fear that the image of MS that customers do have could be damaged but that is the direct opposite. Your videos give MS a human face to the customers and as far as I'm concerned the relationship to MS is tighter than before your videos.

    Of course MS is looking for excellent people around the world but it doesn't matter whether they are wearing shorts in top management or which colour they do have or what background they do have.

    Your videos beyond the MS related stuff give very interesting insights to me: Because I never was in the U.S. and the image I got over the years is built on US movies, soaps and so on. The dialogs in your videos are so real that I not also updated my knowledge about software but also how MS organized the worklife. Your walk over the campus to the interview with Steve Balmer show me the architecture of the building or the great view to large trees and excellent park surroundings. Greenly I meant the guys at MS are working in a cube farm but they are organized in individual office cells that are furnished in a very private way. I was really delighted about that ! 

    So I wish you a big deal at your new job in Palo Alto !

    Thanks a lot !
    Munich, Germany