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  • Sharepoint Templates: What. How. Why.

    We have been using the Board of Directors (v2) template for almost a year now - it's outstanding - BUT, our WSS host told us that the old template will NOT port acrosss to the new v3 site.  We entusiastically read back in November - and then saw this Ch9 video - about great work being done to port the old site templates across to v3.

    Today we found the new v3 template for the Board of Directors ... BUT, it has none of high power look-n-feel of the old v2 template.Sad:(Sad

    Is there a way, with the Master Pages or CSS, etc. - we have SharePoint Designer - to re-create the v2 look but will load in WSSv3 ??


  • Business Intelligence in Excel 2007

    "I'd love to see a video on building the Dashboard without any code!"

    Robert ... Let me add my vote as well to get this on video ASAP !!!
  • PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint

    scobleizer wrote:
    We will definitely be doing more Sharepoint stuff.



    These CH 9 videos are THE BEST STUFF we have ever seen ... we have done a lot of video and these are so ad hoc and natural that they truly tell the "inside Microsoft story" and showcase the people behind the scenes !!!

    CONGRADULATIONS for you and all of the CH 9 team for some absolutely FANTASTIC perspective that no Press Release will ever be able to capture !!!

    GET MORE EXECUTIVE INTERVIEWS as well who can frame the strategy for all of us "believers".
  • PJ Hough and others - First look at next version of Sharepoint

    We agree with staceyw that this was way too short for something as important to us as Sharepoint !!  We are excited about the possibilities of RSS, but Robert, can you go back and get more footage on Sharepoint v3 ??  The RSS discussion took way too long and we just didn't get to see enough of v3 "in action". 

    We watched with great interest the other Sharepoint segment and it appeared that the "question list" for this segment - with the key program people - should have been much broader and more detailed ... like the EXCELLENT demo for Office 12 ... now running at almost 65,000 views !!

    We think the success of the Office 12 segment was that it was mostly demo and WOW !!!!  We know from the Blogs that Sharepoint v3 is WOW as well ...

    Can we see more !!