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  • Ulrik Molgaard Honoré – Production planning with Dynamics AX

    Interesting... Navision has a planning tool, but the traceability is lacking, which Axapta looks like definitely has. It makes it a lot easier to figure out how the planning engine decided to do something.

    I haven't seen GP, but I'm curious, when Dynamics will combine the products, what feature of each ERP system will they pick?

    I'm sure every one of 4 ERP system have their weaknesses.
    What kind of weakness does the planning engine have?

    Does Axapta support kitting, just like BOM where you need to ask the customer for example a few questions like what color the paint should be etc?

    If yes, how do you setup the questionnaire. Because you could have multiple questions and the answer of first question could change the second question or options etc.

  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Interesting video
     I would like to hear discussion about the Dynamics products. Convergence is starting on monday nov 6.

    Also there were some echose in sound when you guys were talking about youtube. 

    The Alien discussion sucked, it was a nice idea and you should use it but just come up with better interesting questions.

    Usually on Political incorrect show you had at least one person from the other perspective, so in linux discussion or about Oracle, they could have said different point of view. A non MS person would have been nice.

    and yes it was a bit long. You could do some editing to cut some parts, but I guess it would go against C9 motto.

  • Rory Blyth: The Exit Interview

    Please do Dynamics Interviews. There are very few of them. Especially Dynamics NAV. They are releasing beta soon.
  • Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan – Model driven development in Dynamics AX

      Nice video. Finally we see some Dynamics videos on Chanel 9. When will they release other Dynamics product videos?
    MS is moving the 5 Dynamics platforms to one product, and I've heard that it is going to based on Dynamics AX. Each one of these products have their own language. x++,C/Side,Dexterity, and I don't know what solomon is using VB? How are they going to move them C#?

     As you said there are 5 mil lines of business logic in AX and, I'm sure the other products have the same number of code, Also each of these ERP have their own table structures.  There probably more than 1000 tables in each of these products. Each of these products have their own Virtical solutions with hundreds of  new tables and 1000's of line of code.

    Also all of these ERP systems are targeted toward middle market.  Ax is targeted toward middle to upper Market. Could Ax compete agains SAP? I'm sure it's happening everyday, but will it be capable to be used by MS themselves?

    Based on MS the final Product is 3 years away. And during that time they'll make the UI look the same, so customers wouldn't notice the difference, but developers and solution centers, will pay the price. I hope MS is thinking of them. Smiley
  • Jakob Nielsen - Directing the Dynamics/UX team

    jaylittle wrote:
    ara3n wrote:Man he didn't show or demo the products that suppose to be released in Jun. .  With any other MS product they show the beta a year before it comes out, but Dynamics is all top secret.

    That's because they were showing them during Keynote/Sessions during convergence.  You wouldn't want to steal the thunder away from executives, right?  Anyway I believe they should the next NAV interface during the Gates keynote and that should be available on the web so..... have at it.  Essentially try to imagine something that looks like Office 12 with a Ribbon UI control.

    During Gates keynote, they were showing Dynamics AX not NAV. I guess they will look the same.
  • Satya Nadella - Running the Dynamics Team

     It'll be about 4-5 years before you will see Dynamics final product, till then you'll have all the old products that they aquired, Just becuase they renamed them doesn't mean a thing. Also knowing MS the first product they'll release will be a beta. So until then if you build a simple soultion that is easily customizable, you will be way a head of MS.
    Also I hope MS learns from the 5 products history and builds something better. 
    All I see right now is that they have MS CRM, separate product in .NET. They build workflow tools, that is a sepparate product, AX, NAV, GP, SL, all separate products and separate technology, and separate languages. And MSOffice has to be in there as well.
    From what I think they are doing, they are writing a new .NET product from ground up and allowing all the current products to upgrade to it.
    And guess what this new product will be like?
  • Jakob Nielsen - Directing the Dynamics/UX team

    Man he didn't show or demo the products that suppose to be released in Jun. Sad.  With any other MS product they show the beta a year before it comes out, but Dynamics is all top secret.