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  • Doug Hodges: The history of Visual Studio ​Extensibili​ty

    Looks like we have different priorities MetaGunny.

    "Their filming video!" - would you translate it to english for me please!
  • Doug Hodges: The history of Visual Studio ​Extensibili​ty

    Apart from the all content I didn't like how the telephone call was ignored with words like "what to f...".

    Is it so difficult to pick up the handset and say "will be ok to call you later?" ???

    It wasn't first time I have seen this behavior on C9.

    The first time I have seem it, somebody was calling for good few minutes and interviewed was putting down the phone everytime.

    It is unacceptable, and It doesn't say enything positive about person doing it.

    I appreciate of course all C9 content, I watch it quite often and I am up to date with almost everything here, but things like that just push me off.