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Niner since 2013


Development of new networks infrastructures (Media Deployment, Switching, Routing) and state of Art Data Centres as per market standards with new technology and latest techniques. Network Layout Designing, Server designs, Management of Storage Systems (SAN/NAS), RAID Administration, Advance Backups using Automatic Tape Library – LTO3/4/5, Snapshot Backup and restorations. Planning and Designing of Data Centre over LAN/WAN access.


Planning, deployment and implementation of Microsoft Window based Active Directory Networks with DOMAIN enabled secured environment with Application, database, internet, Mail, Web Server, with Shared File and Print services. Installation and configuration of Active Directory services, DNS and Web Servers. The deployment of services over LAN and WAN (Web Cloud). Designing and deploying VPN Solutions, Web Cloud Data Centre.

Planning, deployment and implementation of Virtualized environments using Microsoft Hyper-V Server and Linux XenServer.

Planning, deployment and implementation of VoIP based Telecommunication, Video and Audio Conferencing Systems using Hi-Tech equipments and Latest Linux Asterisk Server.