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  • Bill Gates: Answering Questions in India

    There has to be a ground for innovation. There are many factors that are stopping for advanced research. India's still developing like everyone knows. In other terms it enetred world of competation because of IT power starting from 90's( i believe after 95-96). Infosys(Narayan Murthy),Wipro(Premji,TCS were the ones who demonstrated India's talent in interenational market starting from Bangalore City.

          Current political system needs to be favourable with  high population  problems India is facing. When you look from a Advanced countries point of view things look very stupid. Infrastructure needs to be made better and gaints like Microsoft, INtel, IBM,HP can help out in grouding such research.

        Is Bill doing something with this other than appointing people in MSDN India. Members should be someone who know the real problems at ground level and not to add beauty with smiles on stage. This sentence might sound irritating to members but this is the fact.

    "Bill Gates" if it happens that you see this !! Think about it. I am sure he doesnt have time. heeee


  • Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider -

    Hi ,
         The idea is great. MSN have to think about such

    things in nearing future. Simple and neat.

    When 2 people can do so much then MSN is 

    missing something.

    All the Best to Sanaz and Steve.



  • Mythreyee Ganapathy - MS India

    Hi ,

      People are still enthu after 8 to 10hrs of working because they have the motivation.

      To be realistic people are forced  by their Project Managers. Also for the livelyhood, proj has to be completed and thats the work culture or else the indivigual will be thrown out.
    NO work NO money !

  • Sheila Gulati - Winning hearts and minds of developers in India

     Sheila Gulati !Namaskar

            India channel 9 can work out only if you get things to action. Just speaking wont work with Microsoft. 

       When I was in college 3 yrs down the line I coudnt see any dust of any of these stuffs. Very few institutes teach something really good.

      Till the end of last year there was nothing being done in university level by anyone.
    Hardly few colleges had but nothing much was happening other than for few speeches once or twice a year for namesake.

    "India is called IT happening place" 
    This  name is obtained by self motovation. Many people still want knowledge in various places and nothing is being provided. Even I was the victm then.  

    Get the great Hidden talents and make the world better.

    And this is my feedback for you ! I am not pessemistic.But these are facts at ground level.

    Yeh demand would be : Getting new technology Videos so that it helps students starting from University level.

    Thank you ,

    Yeh ur Video was good !

  • Mythreyee Ganapathy - The challenge for Microsoft India: getting good talent

    Hi Mythreyee,

       I was searching one point to hold you on.. but I lost before you. Great realistic speech. Finaly good one in India channel.

    I have one suggestion for you, Hope Microsft change their pattern of interv in India. Targetting IIT's for Microsoft is not fair.

    Many of my own freinds who are excellent better than people who got into Microsoft are working in some wrong places.

    And companies like infy, Wipro,TCS etc etc are doing great by helping students to get aleast entry level job with negotiable salary.Actually they are the one who showed that India is great in IT fields, infact excellent.
    These kind of stuff should be provided by Microsoft , so that a guy/girl who has studied in average college but hidden talent can be brought up.
    Hope to hear some more videos with initiatives being taken from u shortly.


  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced


     Wish to see the evolution soon !



  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip Four

    Hi , This is interesting. I did that a couple of years ago something like this. Something different from coding finlly. Secrets of lab not shown ! Hope its show in near future. Thanks, Arun
  • Michael Howard - What are the top things the average person can do to protect themselves?


        Security Security ! When it comes to Home users , the normal users no one knows what is security. Installing Mcafee, Nortan is considerd secured and they believe thye are safe. This is the perspectcive of most of them.

    The ways in which personal information are stolen is done in 1000 ways but no one knows it. I had writtten a letter on Privicy with respect to homeusers with respect to survey conducted among few people. But all of them say that Spywares are the one thats making them miserable.  But no one knew hoe can thier information be taken off  by such stuffs.

    My view is that Antivirus, Antispywares, Security flaws in pathches are the most important ones thats to be considered and Microsoft has to take care of these together with single package which is not being considered.


  • Michael Howard - How hackers operate

    Michael Howard's gives the power to think  about sec in real time .

  • Michael Howard - What isn't being taught well enough in college? Security!

    Hi ,

        College can teach some basic security aspects. But it never teaches the real time stuffs.
     I am doing Masters in Cybersec but when I go on with latest hacks and stuffs , I find my study is nothing . The latest technology threats are not at all included nor exposed in any university.

    Microsoft might have not considered about security when they came into business or technology but they must provide information abt such things to the college which can be a part of study updating regularly.
                    Tranining is definately required when a grad student goes out of hos college

  • Michael Howard - What if we had an unattackable system?

    Having unattackable system !!

                Impossible ! I believe !  Rules need to be broken like its said in great books . So Hackers do that same job.

    Unattackable system in terms of secrity is impossible.

     Bascially Hackers show the loop hole in the sysetm by breaking in giving challenges and help in higher level of sophistication in s/w developement.

                 I am in Cybersecurity but every day one new Hacker hacks the system and shows vunerability makes every day of mine challenging. Humans are the one who design and Humans are the one who break it. So this is never ending fight between Attackers and defenders.



  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are


       Wonderful ! Great work . Great effort . I am in love with this.