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  • Steve Lombardi - New photography on Virtual Earth

    I have 2 question with Virtual Earth
    1. why is the background of aerial images dark? (in my area)
    2. In the Aerial view when i zoom in and in after certain point i see a blank screen why? why not stop when i reach to the last zoomable image just like Google.

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Andrei P. wrote:
    No wonder. There are lots of Linux zealots and other Microsoft haters that hunt these reviews and hijack them with comments and bad ratings. You can see them everywhere, here, on Robert's blog, on MSDN, on Neowin, and so on. They have nothing better to do between kernel version updates.

    It has nothing to do with Linux zealots or MS haters, Its a review by CNet and users who like/dislike MS/Apple/Linux comment on this.
    These reviews are an eye opener taking user inputs and making the OS better is a good thing,  see things in a broader view and not as criticizing then things will better. Probably you didn't have anything to do other than reading the review and commenting like this.

  • Chris Jones - Beta 1 of Windows Vista revealed

    Check this latest on WinVista....

    CNET User Reviews for Microsoft Vista, average ratings by 4.9/10:

  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    Orbit86 wrote:
    just another competitor copycat, looks like when someone makes good software MSFT can't handle that and crapitize the industry.

    when will MSFT copy Froogle and Google Print.Print I have to say is brilliant work, this is cool! goo Google!!!

    who ever thought a search engine will make msft scared., I like how msft thinks MSN Search will take over Google when google is a staple of search engine life.

    I'm waiting for the Microsoft Zombies to reply and say "ms is the best!!! goo msft! while they license you the software instead of you owning it"

    I remember if it was MS Word 97 or something older that if you just typed 5 across the serial key # it would let you in, it was hilarious

    Right, I agree with you that Google went on a innovation spree while MS/Yahoo thought no one could compete them.
    Competition is mother of all  innovation (i think i guess to some extent),
    It thrives you to innovate and make your presence to the user.
    I would say in some areas MS still beats the rest.

    MSVE is pretty good but still needs work. Here's something funny I dont know its my browser problem or something. I use Firefox for everything and to compare i use IE so I tried MSVE in FF its slow very slow(I dont know why) I tried this on T1 line. I did some searches near my area(NY) and it took a loooong time to display the list of names near my area.
    Some aerial images are old very old compared to Google.
    Also its very annoying window when i search for something and it displays 5-10 places and i move my mouse a big window displays its annoying it will nice to display the window *Only* when i want click on it.

    Zoom In/out is cool. adding driving directions will nice with interactive tour..
    I use MS S&T 2005 I wish if something like this can be added to MS S&T 2006.

    I will add more of my comments if MSVE Team like.